Papal Visit 2015

Things you need to know

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As the city of Philadelphia plans for the Pope's visit, we want to make sure you know what is happening. Below details information regarding what you can expect in the residence halls. For more information and questions - check out The Nutshell (image above) at

You can expect the following in the residence halls..

Temple University Picture IDs:

  • Anyone who is currently using a temporary ID should acquire a NEW Temple University Picture ID today (at a replacement cost of $20). Temporary IDs will not be accepted to gain admittance. Please visit the Diamond Dollars Office at Conwell Hall, Room 601. Please be prepared to present your ID to the Security Officer each time you enter the building. Do not ask the Security Officer to let you into the residence hall without your ID.

Open Containers:

  • Open containers (soda/juice bottles, cans, drink cups, coffee mugs, etc.) will NOT be permitted in the building. You will be instructed to dump containers before entering the building all day starting Midnight Friday, September 25 through Sunday, September 28, 2015 11:59 pm.

Increased Bag Checks

  • Residents and their guest(s) will be required to participate in random bag checks at the request of the security officers to enter the building. If a resident refuses a bag check they will not be permitted into the residence hall.
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Will you be sticking around?