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Penguin Cleaning Perth Offers Excellent Post Construction Cleaning Services

Penguin Cleaning Perth is well-known company that offers cleaning services in and around the area from almost 4 years. We offer highest quality cleaning services for residential customers and commercial businesses in Perth and surrounding suburb communities that also includes builder cleaning. Whatever the kind of job: big or small we give in our best that results in excellent outcomes making the place spick and span as new.

Whether someone is looking for cleaning during construction, “shopfitters” cleaning, post construction cleaning, vacant clean, or renovation we take up every task and do it at an economical price. Our company works as no other does as we also devise tailored plans that suit the need and budget of the client. At Penguin Cleaning Perth, we understand the mess the house is in after new construction or renovation and how it needs builder cleaning to make it clean, hygienic, and a germ-free before living.

Once the work by the builder is complete, the entire place needs to be cleaned thoroughly before one may shift and start living in it. There is too much dust and dirt all around, cement on the floor, dust on the fixtures, appliances, lighting. We thoroughly clean every space all these are dusted, scraped, mopped that removes every particle of dust and dirt. Once the first cleaning is done we move on to the last cleaning that includes final dusting, polishing, vacuuming, mopping, and rubbish disposal that leaves the place sparkling clean.

For those looking to get builder cleaning we provide the best services at affordable prices. We understand the requirements of our client, and owing to that we offer great quality in cleaning services for commercial sites, newly built homes, and smaller renovations or home extensions. We aim to fulfill our client’s need and work to make sure that the appearance and presentation of the place looks brand new once we are done with our cleaning services. Prospective clients can book in an inquiry and avail a quote for the cleaning services. To find out more, visit

Penguin Cleaning Perth- The Cleaning Specialists

A home renovation is a great way to rejuvenate and freshen the look of a worn out house. All this looks nice, but once the work is done, most often the house requires a lot of cleaning. While many people can do it on their own, hiring cleaning professionals can help immensely. When you hire cleaning experts to clean your home after a renovation, you can take care of other things, or just relax. We all know how the house looks after a renovation is done there is dust and dirt everywhere, plaster on windows, paint on floors, and kitchen counters are filled with dust. The labels from the appliances, mirrors, glass of windows need to be removed. It is convenient to hire an external source for extra and for post renovation cleaning.

At Penguin Cleaning Perth we have a team of professionals who completely understand how important sanitation and cleanliness means to their clients. The company aims at offering the best cleaning services in and around Perth. We are a team of specialists who effectively do post renovation cleaning leaving the house spick and span. It seems like a small task but takes days to do, but with the help of Penguin Cleaning Perth you can just relax and let our expert staff do the work. From residential, commercial, to industrial establishments, they handle all services with passion ensuring complete organization and presentation. They prepare customized cleaning plans that suit the client’s needs and requirements.

We have the right tools and trained staff who can quickly clean your home, office, or building with expertise. They meet all the specific requirements of the clients and offer them work in small frame of time and at affordable prices. We use the latest and best equipment that ensure that the entire place is cleaned thoroughly and looks as good as new.

We have been in the cleaning industry for 4 years, and have been working hard to give our best post renovation cleaning to all our clients. We have a team of experienced housekeepers and dedicated employees that are equipped to handle cleaning areas big or small. We have established our name in the industry owing to our efficient work and the exceptional service. We are highly devoted in the entire task meeting the requirements and budget of the clients. To know more visit

Hiring Professionals For Vinyl Strip And Seal Cleaning– What Are The Benefits

The interior of any home or commercial establishment presents an insight of personality of person owning the space. These days there are so many choices available in the market when it comes to choosing the surface material. Vinyl flooring is among the most preferred flooring material these days for homes as well as offices. Having vinyl flooring is a great idea since it makes the space look good and elegant. Getting it cleaned through a company offering personalized Vinyl Strip and Seal services will help in maintaining its cleanliness as well as hygiene. Listed here are few benefits of hiring profession vinyl strip and seal cleaning company.


Commercial Cleaning Services offers most reliable and customized solutions as they have experience as well as expertise along with machinery or tools used for vinyl strip and cleaning projects.

Companies providing professional cleaning services have expert workers paying full attention to each step of cleaning process. They offer customers with high standard of services which in turns result in perfect cleaning.

Most of the professional cleaning companies work on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis. Customers can fix the time for carrying out cleaning which is most suitable to them.

The ease with which one can find a reliable company offering vinyl strip and seal cleaning services is also a major factor behind popularity of commercial cleaning services. One can ask for free quote online from different companies and then choose the one offering the most suitable cleaning package.

So, if you are planning of stripping and sealing the vinyl flooring of your home or office then hire a company that is known for offering high quality vinyl strip and seal services. Penguin Cleaning Perth is among the most trustworthy companies offering customized cleaning packages at most genuine rates. Their employees are thorough professionals and carry out their projects perfectly.

Take a look at to explore more details on how Penguin Cleaning Perth can help you bring your existing vinyl floor back up to new. You can also call them at 0430 656 678 to discuss any of your queries regarding vinyl strip and seal services.

Hire Professional Carpet Clean Perth Services For Best Results

There is no doubt that by adding a simple carpet to your home you can make it look good and inviting. At the same time it is also true that carpet cleaning is not an easy thing to do and this fact dissuades many people from lining their home with carpet. But now you need not to worry about carpet cleaning as Penguin Cleaning Perth Company is here to provide you with the best Carpet Clean Perth Services in Perth and its nearby areas at most amazing prices.

Penguin Cleaning Perth company makes use of latest techniques and methods for carpet cleaning to attain the best results. While at work, their professional cleaning experts make sure that the cleaning techniques used for carpet cleaning not only result in clean carpet but also preserve its original colour and sheen. In addition to cleaning services, Carpet Clean Perth package also comprises of deodorising and grooming services which not only result in clean and good looking carpet but also make it hygienic and safer place for the baby in your house to play. The solution used for cleaning carpets is safe and environment friendly thus leaving no side effects.

Penguin Cleaning Perth has earned itself a great name in the field by offering best residential and commercial cleaning services. Not only for carpet cleaning services, you can trust on this company for their other customized services such as upholstery and mattress cleaning, window cleaning, wooden floor cleaning to name a few. They have a workforce of expert professionals who are dedicated to offer the quality services to their valued customers. Another benefit of hiring carpet clean Perth services is that they will come to your place at the time which suits you the best.

Please feel free to contact carpet clean Perth services at 0430 656 678 to make an appointment. You can also visit them at to get more details on how they can help you with their highly dedicated and customized cleaning services in Perth and its surroundings.

We Offer Professional Construction Site Cleaning Services

Construction cleaning is something that can be performed only when done by professionals. We have experienced teams who are expert at doing their tasks. Penguin Cleaning Perth is your complete source for all needs for construction site cleaning. We offer you the right solutions to your need to have clean and sanitized site. Our team makes sure that you have a safe working construction. The grounds are cleaned and made free from trash and garbage. Professionalism has always been at the top of our list while providing you the best industrial site cleaning services.

We will inform you about the responsible person for your site cleaning who will be following up on the quality of work done. We always stand behind our services and ensure that you are completely satisfied with our services. Here, we have the equipment and manpower to perform construction site cleaning of any size, big or small. Our comprehensive range of services includes cleaning surfaces such as structures, racking systems as well as external cladding. Contact us today for a realistic quote. For more information, please visit


End of Lease Cleaners Meet All Your Cleaning Needs

End of lease cleaning is an essential part of moving. Though many businesses do not consider it, yet it is one of the most important aspects of the complete process. We specialize in the field of end of lease cleaning and put in special effort to give utmost customer satisfaction each and every time. Penguin Cleaning has built a strong reputation in the industry for professional and reliable services with special attention to details. We can take on that task of cleaning and make sure you comply with every term in the original lease.

Hire our services when you are moving and are at end of the lease. Our end of lease cleaners has many years of experience in the industry and is experienced at doing the final cleaning. They help you to have sparkling and fresh premises behind and move on with confidence into the future. Our staffs have the experience and the expertise to cope up with the needs of cleaning. You can customize our services to meet your cleaning needs. For more details, please visit

Penguin Cleaning Perth Has the Best Carpet Cleaners Perth

Penguin Cleaning Perth has a team of housekeeping professionals who are highly trained and are committed to delivering the best cleaning services while keeping your requirements in mind. They understand the value of your precious time and thus, offer timely services and highly dependable cleaning assistance. The company offers several packages that are perfectly designed suit your home as well as office cleaning requirements. It has a team of trustworthy and friendly carpet cleaners Perth, who are there to serve you any time, 7 days a week.

The carpet cleaners Perth at Penguin Cleaning Perth mainly focus on the safety and security of their clients and the surroundings. They are obedient and provide a fast and accurate cleaning scheme. The cleaners are highly professional and punctual and thus, deliver accurate and honest services. They also focus on the budget of their clients and provide them pocket friendly cleaning services. The company’s carpet cleaners understand that cleaning the carpet on your own can be highly complex, and brushing it repeatedly will ruin its beauty. The firm’s professionals utilize a highly advanced technique to clean the carpet, which not only ensures its durability, but will also maintain its beauty for years.

Carpet cleaners Perth at Penguin Cleaning Perth follow an eight step method for cleaning the carpet. Firstly, they use a heavy duty vacuum to remove dust and dirt. Secondly, they use a high quality cleaning product to clean stains, if any. They thereafter, apply shampoo to retain moisture while softening the dirt so that it can be removed easily. The shampoo also helps to remove the unpleasant smell of pet’s urine. This is followed by a manual massage that is given to the carpet so that the shampoo is completely absorbed into its fabric. Then, the traditional method of hot water is applied to kill the existence of bugs. In the next step, excess moisture is extracted to speed up drying. The carpet is then deodorized to give the floor covering a vibrant and fresh smell. The final step involves grooming in which the experts unleash the beauty of carpet like the first time you bought it.

For more information you can book your inquiry by calling the professionals at 0430 656 678 or by visiting

Penguin Cleaning Perth Offers The Best Services For House Cleaning Perth

Are you looking for professionals who can clean your house within your budget and without wasting your valuable time? Penguin Cleaning Perth is the right company for you. The company has employed a team of housekeeping professionals who will not only understand your needs, but will also give importance to your precious time and schedule. The firm is committed to providing the best services for house cleaning Perth and offers the best cleaning assistance. It offers several packages that are perfectly designed suit your home cleaning requirements.

Penguin Cleaning Perth has trustworthy and friendly cleaners throughout Perth suburbs, who are there to serve you any time, 7 days a week. In case you opting for house cleaning Perth for the first time, we would recommend you to consider our spring cleaning package that guarantees you utmost and thorough cleaning in all areas of your home. The Spring or move-in package is best for meeting the occasional cleaning needs. It involves an extensive deep cleaning service that basically takes between 4 to 10 hours to complete depending on the size and the condition of the home. The Rental inspection package is the deep cleaning package which is suitable for end of tenancy inspections. It consumes about 4 to 12 hours depending on the size and current condition of your home.

Besides, Carpet Steam Cleaning Package is another great option for house cleaning Perth. It includes deep cleaning such as shampooing, deodorizing and 8 step hot water extraction procedure. Penguin Cleaning Perth allows you to customize its service according to your requirements and also gives you an option to choose a specialized cleaning method such as spot, stain and odour removal. The company emphasizes on factors such as safety and security of the people and the surroundings, providing fast and accurate cleaning services, professionalism and punctuality, honesty and budget. The housekeepers at the company are devoted to handle all types of cleaning requirements while giving importance to the time and budget of the clients. For more information you can book your inquiry by calling the professionals at 0430 656 678 or by visiting

Penguin Cleaning Perth the Topnotch Cleaning Services Provider In Perth

Penguin Cleaning Perth is your one stop solution for all you’re cleaning and maintenance needs with each additional service at reasonable discounted cost to you. We are serving the whole Perth and nearby area, we are passionate in handling residential, industrial and commercial establishment with quality and exceptional cleaning services. Our professional customized approach can generate ultimate satisfaction and consistency.

Our center of attention is to always consider on the following concerns:

  • Safety and security of the people and the surroundings.
  • Fast and accurate cleaning scheme.
  • Obedience to our work ethics
  • Professionalism and punctuality
  • Honesty
  • Budget
  • Insurance and bonds

Our goal to create a healthy and wealthy environment that could change the lives of our clients. Our state of the art services includes the following;

  • House/Spring Cleaning
  • Commercial/Office Cleaning
  • Builders/Renovation Cleaning
  • End of Lease/Pre-sale Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Carpet and Rug Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Stip & Seal Vinyl/Lino Floor
  • Upholstery/Mattresses Cleaning
  • Wooden Floor Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Other specialised Services

The beauty and sanitation of a home are crucial factors that must be implemented accordingly. We always believe that a well setting can be of great power to change the act and mood of those who dwell in a space. Therefore, Penguin Cleaning Perth can provide these advantages where you can certainly enjoy and stay relax.

Book your Inquiry now and get an obligation free quote in 24 Hours or call us anytime at 0430 656 678 for fast service.

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