Ancient India inventions

Arts/Culture :Kaitlyn Crabb

Arts and Culture Inventions

Ancient India had many great inventions. During my research I found a lot of inventions I could use, but I've narrowed it down to about fifteen wonderful inventions Ancient India invented and helped invent. First I'll tell you everything India helped invent, then I'll tell you what India invented. India helped invent shampoo, radio/wireless communication, and they also helped invent ways to use cotton in clothes. India invented carburized steel, buttons, surgery, prayer flags, indigo dye, calico, the Indian/Hindu numeral system the suits game, chess, rulers, snakes and ladders, and diamonds were first mined in India.

The Most Important Invention

I believe that the most important invention in India's arts and culture is their Indian/Hindu numeral system. Not many people know this, but all the number that we use today are an invention of India's. Many Arab traders brought India's mathematical ideas to the west. The Indian/Hindu numeral system topped that of the Roman numeral system and is still a huge part of the numeral systems we use today. Without this ground breaking invention we wouldn't have a lot of the things we have today. It helps us with cataract surgery, (which India also invented) scientific studies, explorations to space, and so much more. That is why the Indian/Hindu numeral system is the most important invention in arts and culture.