Schwartz's Shoutouts!

Week of August 31st

What Are We Doing?

Reading- Learning what we need to complete during independent reading, practicing reading responses and genre charts

Writing- Narrative Writing - how to move from an idea to a sequence for my story

Math- Ordering numbers and rounding

Social Studies- South Carolina regions


Monday- ordering numbers math sheet and read for 20 minutes

Tuesday- read for 20 minutes

Wednesday- round to the nearest 10 math sheet and read for 20 minutes

Thursday- round to the nearest 100 math sheet and read for 20 minutes

Friday- Have a great weekend!

Dates and Reminders

Spelling- We will wait one more week before starting spelling. I'm still assessing each child to make sure we start them all exactly where they need to be! When we start next week we will do all the homework assignments in class to assure each child knows exactly what to do at home. The following week they will begin doing their activities as homework each night.

Reading- Please make sure your child is reading for at least 20 minutes each night for homework. They more they read they better reader they become!

Ipads- The students have received their Ipads but they will be staying at school while we review rules and expectations. We've begin learning a few apps in the classroom and the kids are very excited. I'll send home a list of Ipad rules before the Ipads come home and let you know in advanced when they are coming.


  • Sept. 7 Labor Day - No School
  • Sept. 8-14 Book Fair
  • Sept. 9 GoalPOST Begins
  • Sept. 10 Breakfast with Grands (3rd-5th) 7:00-8:00 am
  • Sept.14 Good News Club Begins
  • Sept. 17 Girl Scout Parent Night 6:30 in cafeteria