Week of December 18 - Chapter 16, 17 and Final Exam

Class News

You are almost done!! Congrats!

This week you should finish Chapters 16 and/or begin 17. If you have time, you can go back through previous chapters and either re-do assignments that you did not do well on or complete any assignments that you skipped.

If you are not happy with your grade, there are still a few things that you can do:

First, check under My Grades. Make sure that you do not have any 0s. If there is something listed, it means that you skipped the assignment by mistake and you need to go back and do it.

You can also retake and Culture, Vocabulary and Grammar assessment that you did not do well on. You can go back as far as Chapter 1.

Progress Reports will go out to your schools on Tuesday night. Make sure that all assignments through Chapter 16 are completed by 4pm on Tuesday.

Grammar to Remember

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