Hudde Library Newsletter

Fall 2013

New Books Arriving Soon

A shipment of fiction books will be arriving soon. I have created a list of non-fiction books which will be ordered within the next 2 weeks. If there are any titles or subject areas you would like me to add, please let me know by the first week of December.


After seeing the presentation by Ms. Palmieri and Ms. Gluska on modelling non-fiction reading strategies on Nov. 4th, I thought this resource might be useful for classroom teachers:

Newsela presents news articles written at different complexity levels. Search for or browse articles in the areas of War & Peace, Science, Kids, Money, Law, Health and the Arts. Select a lexile level for the version that is appropriate for your students' reading ability, and the text and vocabulary adjust to that level.

Adding classes will enable you to track students' progress and to assign quizzes based on the articles they have read.

Learn more or sign up for a free account at:


MyLibraryNYC is a program that allows teachers and school staff to order books to be delivered directly to you at school.

Many of you received library cards last year from the MyLibraryNYC program. Those of you that did not get one received a temporary card in your mailboxes from me on Nov. 5th, along with an outline of the program and instructions on how to register. Those of you who received your cards last year but did not register them can register them here:

If you registered your card but do not remember the password you selected, reset your password here:

If you lost your card, see me for your barcode number - your barcode and password are enough to order books online.

If you need help, please come up to the library.

Library Catalog

If you want to search or browse the library collection, you can view the catalog online at: