You can save lives

Stop cyber bullying now in your area

what is cyber bullying?

cyber bullying is harsh or rude comments to a person(s) over in web. they can say hurtful things about or against a person saying that they'll physically hurt them. these can go on for months or years and the victim never tells. these can lead to the victim killing them selfs, which nobody wants. cyber bullying can cause mental harm along with the victim hurting them self.

what do i do when someone cyber bullies me?

three ways to stop cyber bullying

if you get a hurtful e-mail or comment on something you did, don't respond; ignore it.

if they continue, tell an adult or someone you trust.

if they start to threaten your safety or life call a cop. remember, don't delate what they send you, save it. the person my be someone you don't even know, but they're not anonymous.