Willaim H. Carney

By: Tate Kessler

Infromation about William

  1. Date of birth- Norfolk, Virginia in 1840; born as a slave
  2. Date of death- December 9,1908
  3. Adjectives to describe him- courageous, honorable, and heroic
  4. Interesting fact- first African-American to get the Congressional Metal of Honor
  5. Sentence to describe how he impacted the world- William H. Carney was a very honorable man who fought in the Civil War, and showed black men that it was possible to be a war hero.
  6. Three struggles that William faced- William was born a slave; Williams dad escaped slavery to free the rest of his family;suffered 4 fatal wounds in the Battle of Fort Wagner.

Williams time in the Union Army

William was a very impressive man, especially when he served in the Union Army. He was part of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, but was most popular for fighting in the Battle of Fort Wagner. During this battle William suffered 4 fatal wounds but he kept fighting and did not let the American flag touch the ground. William claimed: "I only did my duty," but his bravery encouraged thousands of black men to join the union army. Many people recognized the bravery and courage of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, even Abraham Lincoln. William H. Carney will always be recognized for his bravery during the Civil War.

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