study skills

How to get ready for a test

Where is the best place to study ?.

The best place you can study is , somewhere quite . Make sure sure its a comfortable but not really comfortable because you might fall asleep . If you want to be listening to music while studying you can but make sure you have music without words in it , because that can distract you . And also make sure if someone is watching TV you cant hear it .

What can you do to be active ?

If you want to stay on task and not fall asleep you can take a 5-10 minute break , to do some jumping jacks and run around your house . Take at least 1 or 2 breaks so you cant get bored .

For how long can you study ?

You need to study at leats 30 minutes a day for about a week if you have a lot of time given.

What can you do to not forget the notes ?

You can writ everything you have learn in a sheet of paper . So the next day you can study them and not forget them.