Alvord School Board Meeting Brief

Regular Meeting Held April 21, 2022

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April 21 AGENDA


The Board of Education Welcomed the 2021-2022 Student Representatives:

Celen Vega - Alvord Alternative Education

Elizabeth Sievers - Alvord High School

Isabella Rodriguez - Hillcrest High School

Hannah Patino - La Sierra High School

Becca Estrada - Norte Vista High School

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Special Recognition: Terrace Elementary School

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Student of the Month for April 2022

Adriel Leyva

The Board of Education Honored the 2022 Employees of the Year!

2022 Employees of the Year Recognitions Presentation

Please view presentation to see list of all our honorees.

The Board of Education took action to appoint Robert Schwandt III to the position of Assistant Director, Education Technology.

CONSENT AGENDA: Items: 10.a.1. through 10.e.8.

*All Consent items were routine and approved.

10.a. Board of Education/Superintendent

10.a.1. Adopt Minutes - 3/17/22

10.a.2. Adopt Minutes - 3/30/22

10.b. Administrative Services

10.b.1. Ratify Agreement – GO Fire Protection, Inc. – Loma Vista Middle School

10.b.2. Approve Agreement – Murals for Schools - Hillcrest High School

10.b.3. Approve Agreement – Refrigeration Control Company, Inc. – District-Wide

10.c. Business Services

10.c.1. Ratify Purchase Order List Number 14 - 2021-2022

10.c.2. Amend Agreement -Adams Silva & McNally LLP

10.c.3. Amend Agreement - Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo

10.c.4. Accept Gift & Donations for March 1, 2022 - March 31, 2022

10.c.5. Approve Guideline Changes - Grandma Ruth Lance Scholarship Award

10.c.6. Approve Warrant Listing for the Month of March 2022

10.c.7. Report of Receipts for March 2022

10.d. Educational Services

10.d.1. Ratify Agreement – Sandbox Sign Company, Hillcrest High School

10.d.2. Ratify Professional Services Agreement-School Health Services, A Nursing Corporation.

10.d.3. Amend Riverside County Superintendent of Schools Agreement IN70303 - Norte Vista High School

10.d.4. Amend Agenda Item – Choo Choo 4 Rent, La Sierra High School

10.d.5. Approve Agreement with Riverside County Superintendent of Schools for Homeless Expenses Reimbursement

10.d.6. Approve Public Safety Enterprise Communication System Use Agreement

10.d.7. Approve Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center Operational Agreement

10.d.8. Approve Standing Order with California Department of Public Health for and Administration of Naloxone Hydrochloride.

10.d.9. Approve New Courses

10.d.10. Approve Professional Services Agreement – Chancy and Bruce Educational Resources, Inc.

10.d.11. Approve Professional Services Agreement – Interquest Detection Canines

10.d.12. Approve Professional Services Agreement – SOS Entertainment, Hillcrest HS

10.d.13. Approve Professional Services Agreement –Trilogy Medwaste

10.d.14. Approve Service Agreement - Rosetta Stone Ltd., English Learner Students (additional licenses)

10.d.15. Approve Service Agreement - Rosetta Stone Ltd., Immigrant Students (additional licenses)

10.d.16. Approve Services Agreement – AVID Center

10.d.17. Approve Subscription Agreement - Curriculum Associates, LLC

10.d.18. Approve Agreement – A&H Party Rentals Inc., La Sierra High School

10.d.19. Approve Agreement- Avalon Transportation, LLC, Orrenmaa Elementary School

10.d.20. Approve Agreement – The Commencement Group, La Sierra High School

10.d.21. Approve Agreement - The Eagle Glen Golf Club, Hillcrest High School

10.d.22. Approve Agreement - In-N-Out Burger - Alternative Programs

10.d.23. Approve Agreement – Michael Berger Creative, La Sierra High School

10.d.24. Approve Agreement – Sandbox Sign Company, Norte Vista High School

10.d.25. Approve Agreement – SOS Entertainment, La Sierra High School

10.d.26. Approve Agreement - WorldStrides Adventure America, Loma Vista MS

10.d.27. Approve Overnight Trip – Arizona Section 7 Basketball Tournament, Hillcrest High School

10.d.28. Approve Overnight Trip – HOPE Youth Leadership Program, Norte Vista High School

10.d.29. Approve Declaration of Surplus Items - Alvord Unified School District

10.e. Human Resources

10.e.1. Amend Agreement for Consultant Services – Creative Brain

10.e.2. Approve Revised Job Description – Teacher on Special Assignment (Early Childhood Education)

10.e.3. Approve Revised Job Description – Child Nutrition Accounting Technician/Computer Support

10.e.4. Approve New Job Description – Dual Language Immersion Teacher

10.e.5. Approve New Job Description – CTE: Culinary Arts Instructor

10.e.6. Approve New Job Description – CTE: Business/English Teacher

10.e.7. Approve Service Provider Agreement - Spidergap

10.e.8. Approve Directed Teaching Agreement – Pepperdine University


11.c. Administrative Services

11.c.1. Approved Lease Agreement for 43 Vehicles with Enterprise Fleet Management, Inc. Utilizing Sourcewell Piggyback/Cooperative Agreement #060618-EFM

11.d. Educational Services

11.d.1. Approval of A-G Completion Improvement Grant - Dr. Resma Byrne

11.e. Human Resources

11.e.1. Approved Personnel Order No. 14-2021-2022

A-G Completion Improvement Grant Presentation

Presented by: Resma Byrne Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services


11.b. Board of Education/Superintendent

11.b.1. Adopted Resolution No. 40 - Amended Conflict of Interest Code Pursuant to the Political Reform Act of 1974

11.d. Educational Services

11.d.2. Adopted Annual Resolution No. 41 – After School Professionals Appreciation Week, April 25 – 29, 2022.

11.d.3. Adopted Resolution No. 42 - Mental Health Awareness Month designated this year for May 2022.

11.d.4. Adopted Resolution No. 43 - National School Nurse Day and School Health Services Appreciation Day

Discussion Items:

Universal TK & Kindergarten Update Presentation

Presented by: Dr. Resma Byrne, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services

Ethnic Studies Update Presentation

Presented by: Craig Collins, Principal on Special Assignment

The Regular Board Meeting adjourned at 8:44 p.m.