Avery's Bucketlist

April 2015

#1. Ziplining - Costa Rica

I want to go ziplining in Costa Rica. I would want to go with my cousin, Hannah. There is physical weathering, that caused the trees/plants to grow. Wind probably carried seeds to cause trees and plants to grow and flourish. It seems like a beautiful place, so much fun, and a great experience. I would really like to go someday!

#2. Rope Swinging - Oahu, Hawaii

I really want to go rope swinging in Hawaii. You swing off of a waterfall into a lake. I would love to go with my friends, Payton and Avery. There was physical weathering. There was most likely water erosion which caused the land to break and create the waterfall. This would be so fun, I can not wait to go!

#3. Swimming - Grand Cayman Islands

I would really like to go swimming with stingrays in the Cayman's. I would like to go with my family (dad, mom, brother; Palmer, and my sister; Logyn) There was physical weathering. Wind and running waves acted upon the land/beaches. I would love to go here becuase there is just so many things to do!

#4. Paddle Boarding - Bahamas

I would love to go stand-up paddle boarding in the Bahamas. I would love to go with my best friend Payton. In the Bahamas there was physical weathering. Wind acted upon the sand and running water/waves on the beaches. This has been on my bucketlist for a LONG time!

#5. Parasailing - Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

I would really enjoy going parasailing in Rio. I would really like to go with my brother and sister. (Palmer and Logyn) There is physical weathering on the beaches of RIo. The waves and wind eroded the land/beaches. This seems so amazing, I can't wait to do this someday!
RIO - 8K