Everett E. Renberg

Muinch, Germany

Getting There

Munich, Germany is located near the northern Alps mountain range and is based in the southern region known as Bavaria which is the largest free state in Germany and takes up 20% of German land. Flights and costs. I will be using the United airlines for transportation and the total cost for two people for a round trip is $3,303.00 with one bag free of charge and another for $100. For each person the flight costs $1,819.30 for a round ticket and I estimate for both of us we would most likly be hungry because of the prolonged flight so I would estimate $40 for two meals. Time. The flight leaves at 8:41am and then we arrive at Washington D.C. for a two hour stop and at this time we will go and shop at the large airport untill we leave at 5:15pm and through the night we will sleep. The arrival of our flight is estimated to be around 7:50am.

Where to Stay

In Munich, Germany there is a world leading hotel in luxury, class, and comfort. The hotel I'm referring to is the Hotel Rocco forte the Charles hotel. The hotel towers over the city and the park near by and gives off a shining glow of relaxation, comfort, and luxury giving a glimpse of true class and prestige living. The rooms are sound proof, you have free wifi, a flat screen television, along with a small porch, and a view of the city. You have a room, a living room and you get a free breakfast with your purchase of a room.


In downtown Munich there are many parks, museums, palaces, and many old churchs but one building in Munich is seen to be the most beautiful and most advertised here is the chathedral of our lady or you can call it Fruaenkirche which was built around 1468 and 1488 but even at such age its beauty still glisens upon the city and its residents . .Here in Munich, Germany you are near the heavenly Balvarian alps where many ancient buildings stand like the Neuschwanstein castle which was bilt for and by The german king of Bavaria Ludwig the second which can only be reach by horse carage for around six euros up per person and three euros going down.


The main problem when going to Germany or any other country is the language. German however is very similar to English than many other languages like Russian, French, and Italian. Plus, the exchanging of money is also difficult because the Euro is worth $0.37 more than the American dollar and you may have some money issues you can just get federal insured bonds at the bank which can be cancelled if stolen and it works like a normal check/dollar so when you need change you get back instead of the same paper. For example if you have hundreds of dollars and you are planning to take a stroll in the night though the city and you may go out for dinner its a good idea to get the federal insured bonds just incase and when they are stolen or lost you can just call the bank and cancel them before they can be spent and the money is sent back to your bank account .To learn German or basic German go to BBC and go to languages and then go to German.


I picked Munich, Germany because I prefer the language, climate, and the history but I'm not the biggest fan of the food and diet because it is mainly made up of meat including pork and beef which I cannot eat but there is still other dishes I can consume like salads and pastas. Second, The culture is also unique and diverse among so many others. To find other info on German culture go here.

About the Traveler

I am the traveler who wrote this and you would know me by the name Everett E. Renberg. I live here in Denver, Colorado and go to Silver Hills Middle School, where I have the pleasure to learn from the greatest language arts teacher and spend time with great friends. Also, I have always had a love for European History and culture that I have almost never experienced.
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History and culture

Munich, Germany was founded 1158 and after many hundreds of year started to become a large and popular city. Later in the thirty yeas war Munich was occupied by the swedes and was later take by force and became the center of culture and art for many years for all of central Europe. In 1923 it became the base and center for the new and radical party known to all of us as the National socialist German works part or Nazi for short where Adolf Hitler tried his military take over that ended in a disaster. During world war two Munich was subject to large scale bombing and many people were kill and/or homeless. Today Munich is still of great value to the German state and its people.