Timothy Earnhart

"Leaders are not born, they are made" - Vince Lombardi

My self-Esteem

I have a very high self-Esteem. We have done many assignments that will help me in the future. My values are Family, Christ, and having a fun time. My skills are Math, Football, and Management. These should be used to be able to help you make the right choice for your happiness.


Bachelors Degree and a Mathmatics Degree.


5-18 Work hard in school.

19-23 Work hard for Bachelor's Degree.

24-65 work hard to support family.

65+ sit back and be glad I worked hard before.


The description is you play football

$1.9 million is the median salary annually.

slow growth of jobs

Hospitality and Tourism cluster.

Everyday except on holidays.

A bunch of people that want to play football is the work enviroment.

Something interesting about my career is that I get payed alot of money to do something that I like to do.


Retire happy after I have earned enough money for a great retirement fund. Also have enough money to support my family in late years of our life.