Christopher Columbus

Read about Christoper Columbus as he sailed the sea!

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by Aidan Bradley

The Early Years

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy, in 1451.His parents names were Domenico and Susanna Columbus. Christopher Columbus was the oldest of the other five children. Its not certain if he went to school or not but he must have been a good student because he learned how to read and write. He also learned math, astronomy, and geometry(Math). These are subjects(Things to do) that were needed to sail a ship.


On August 13, 1476 Christopher Columbus was Twenty five years old and sailing with four other ships from Genoa, Italy. The crew planned on making stops in countries of northern Europe. When the ships were sailing along the coast of Portugal they got attacked by fifteen enemy ships. Cannons got fired from ships and the battle lasted all day. The sailors of the other five ships fought long and hard but they were no match for the other fifteen ships.

Making Plans

Columbus made a map showing the world was actually round(Circle) not flat but some people did not believe him. Christopher Columbus believed that most of the world was covered with land.But most of the world is actually covered with water. His maps showed that he could reach China by sailing west for five thousand miles. Columbus found out that the world was much bigger than he thought. Christopher Columbus was given three ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. with these three ships he set sail across(Place to place) the ocean with men on the other ships.

The New Land

On October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus and some men took small boats and went to shore. But when the men got there they knelt down and kissed the sand and thanked God for there safe trip. Then Christopher Columbus planted a flag in the sand and set up a cross. He claimed the land for Spain. He called the land San Salvador which is in the Caribbean Sea. The people of the land saw the ships. They hurried to the shore(land) to see the huge birdlike(Gaint) things. They gave Columbus little bits of gold and no spices. Christopher Columbus called the land San Salvador. They left a young boy in charge of the Santa Maria and the boy steered the Santa Maria into some rocks which made a hole in the ship. Columbus made the men gather the wood from the ship. They used the wood to build a fort called Fort Navidad.

The Changing World

On May 11, 1502, Christopher Columbus set sail with four other ships on his fourth and last voyage across the ocean. This time he spent over two years searching for the treasures of the Indies. But he did not find anything. On November 7, 1504, he returned to Spain. Christopher Columbus died in Valladolid, Spain, on May 20, 1506. He never knew that he had discovered new lands across the ocean. He died believing he had sailed to the indies.