chapter one

The disguise

At first Hatsheput Portrayed herself as a man, she smelled like a man,she had fake facial hair and fake hair mostly wherever men had hair, and she had to act like a man. ( which i'm sure she did not like)

ascend to power

after Thutmose 2 died Hatshepsut became a widow before she turned 30 years old. Hatshepsut didn't have a son, she had a daughter, Neferure. Thutmose 2 did have a son, but was to young to ascend to the position of Pharaoh, Hatshepsut considered herself as ruler. She had many officials that were favored by her father. One of her best officials was known as Senenmut, he was the helper of most queens and helped them rise in power, some say he was Hatshepsut lover


unlike any other Pharaohs Hatshepsut led Egypt to success. She wanted more in building economic prosperity and building beautiful monuments, rather than fighting and war and conquering other regions. She was more of a peace maker than most Pharaohs

life and death

Hatshepsut was born in 1508 BCE in Thebes, Egypt. She passed away in 1458 BCE. She was one of the best dynasties ever in Egypt.