Happy Man

forever be happy never be sad

Background Story

Happy Man , Started Off without a family in Atlanta,Georgia . His mom had him as an teenager soo when he was born she just through him in the trash. No matter how hurt at the fact he aint have no family he still managed to be happy . There was a chemical in the trash where he was thrown and became the strongest man ever and was always happy and he made other people happy. He came up with one rule always make others happy like me. With that he went on with his life , meet his bestfriend glad man and they just save the world together . His weapons consist of magical powers in his hands , its all about the muscles. Happy man is warm hearted , Active , and Outgoing
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A Song that represents my hero is "happy" by Pharrell Williams , the reason i picked it is because my person is always happy and he makes other people happy
Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)