Music = Life

How Does Music Affect Your Brain

Music affects all sorts of areas in your brain, mainly the central areas. Some include the motor cortex, hippocampus, prefrontal cortex and the parietal lobe. this picture shows more of the areas in the brain.
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The Mood

Your mood swings up and down and jumps from happy one moment to sad the next. Music is one of the factors that adds to those mood swings. Listening to one genre can make you happy and in a good mood. One can make you feel guilty and sad. If you have had a memory that included songs that affected you, listening to those can make emotions swell up in your chest. Scientists have proven that listening to music has helped anxious and depressed people deal with their feelings. The meter, rhythm, timber, and pitch affect areas of the brain that control mood and emotions.
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My Take

I say that music affects your mood a whole lot. It stimulates your brain in different areas and can make your emotions go in different directions. People love music and it makes them feel alive and well. When people are down and depressed they search for a way out and one of those ways is music. They listen to get their minds off things and to make themselves feel better. I can speak for these people who need music to live.