The job of a Nuerologist.

The job of a neurologist is very complicated. Its hard to understand that the entire fate of some one elses life rests on your shoulders. That is exactly what a neurologist has to do. But i feel that that this job appels to me because it just feels right. I have always been interested in the brain and its propertied. A nerologist must be totally focused as he works. So usually the surgeon has his door locked while he is preforming surgery. And also he must examine the xrays after wards. And this extreamly important to find out the problem with the patient.

One cool fact (Why does this job appeal to me)

This job appeals to me because it pay really well. There are many reasons this job appeals to me, but this one appels to me thee most. This job as a neurologist pays $206,000 annualy. But another reason is that no body comes in there with a problem that we will deny. We will accept anyone that comes in with open arms. But this job pays one of the most ammounts of money a year in America. So this appeals to me because of many reasons, but the amount of money appeals the most.

Some modern day neurologists

The benefit to society

The help to society

The benefits to society are numerous. One of the many reasons are that you can find cures to diseases that n one thought were possible to cure, like cancer. You may also cure a hundred people in a week, and thats a hundred people less to cure. So there are many reasons for why this job helps society. But you m ust have MO degree, Four years in colleage, one year internship in medicine, and Three years of nerology program.