Franklin the farmer

you should always be kind

franklin the farmer

Once upon a time there was a old grumpy farmer named franklin. Franklin was a very selfish man zeus was watching him do his bad deeds, so he decided to put him to the test.

One day zeus transformed into the form of a small homeless child. He walked ip to franklins door and asked for just a little bit of food. The farmer loudly replied “NO!”. the child walked away sobbing and crying in hunger and sadness. the farmer continued into his kitchen and grumpily chomped on his supper. When he hears a roaring voice of zeus, “you have one chance to fix what you did to that poor child, or else you will be punished”. the farmer just grunted and continued eating his dinner.

The farmer woke up the next morning and went out and collected eggs and milk then went to work on his crops. After a hard day of work franklin started eating his dinner when he heard zeus again,”you had your chance to fix yourself but you have failed my test now you will be punished”. The farmer heard a loud roar coming from the far side of his farm, he ran outside to look at what it was and he saw a tornado coming towards his farm. He ran inside and ran into the basement, and hid there until the storm was gone.when he returned outside after the storm he saw that there was exactly enough food for one last meal, there was one cow, one cobb of corn, and one egg left. The farmer knew what he ahd to do, he gathered the remaining food and went inside and prepared it into a meal.

Zeus saw that he was going to look for the little boy so zeus transformed back into that poor homeless boy.once the farmer found him he approached him andgave him the one meal he had. then franklin saw something that he would never forget, zeus transformed into himself again and said ” congradulations you have proved to me that you are a kind and giving person on the inside, you will now be rewarded with this meal you have prepared and also brand new land a million times bigger than your current land”. Franklin replied with a simple “thank you” and a smile.

Once the farmer arrived at his new land he saw that there was a gigantic mansion made of white marble for him to sleep in and a huge variety of cows and other livestock, and vegetables. The farmer had realized that being kind and curtious is the best way to go about life.