Welcome to my Younique Team


I want to welcome you to an exciting business venture as a Presenter for Younique. You are now part of an amazing circle of people who love the products they sell, who enjoy sharing the business opportunity with others, and who live the company’s mission statement to uplift, empower, and motivate women all over the world. I hope you will find that you love it, share it, and live it, too!

Watch for more emails to come to you from the corporate office. These emails are filled with important company news and training. Your New Presenters Kit will soon be in the mail. Enjoy trying all the amazing products that come with the kit. I know that in just a short time you will be a product enthusiast! I look forward to working with you and I couldn’t be more pleased that you are taking this journey with me!

So, What’s Next?

  • Start a Younique Party over on your personal website and start inviting all of your friends.

  • Plug your social accounts into your Younique website by visiting your account manager.

  • Join the conversation with all of the other Presenters at our Facebook group*: Younique Family Presenters' Group on Facebook

*I will add you to this group.

New Presenter Orientation Video
new presenter orientation

Your First Goal - Fast Start to Green

Breaking Down the Compensation Plan

Understanding our comp plan

Just a few things I want you to know:

You get what you put into this business! If you succeed in this, it’s going to be you who creates that success, not me. And if you fail, it’s going to be you who creates that failure, not me. YOU will be the difference between success and failure. I’m here to guide you every step of the way, but I cannot do it for you. I’m here to work WITH you, not FOR you.

My job is to help you become independent from me as soon as possible. Would you agree that’s a good goal?

As with all things in life, there will be ups and downs as you build your business. There will be good times and bad times. I’ll know you’re in one of the bad times when you aren’t calling me, messaging me, making excuses, and ignoring me. When that happens (and it happens with everyone), how do you want me to handle that? Do you want me to leave you alone, or remind you why you made this decision in the first place?

Once you’ve answered those questions, let’s cover a few basics:

A) It is important that you use the products from your presenter kit. Know and understand how they work, play around with them. Enjoy them! If you aren’t passionate about them, it’s hard for others to become passionate about them.

B) Get the appropriate tools! If you don’t understand FB (or other social media you want to use) and how it works, get with it! YouTube has a bunch of training videos if you just search “How to ____.” While I’m happy to help you, self-educating is by far the best learning tool. This is a networking business, so add friends and build relationships with them. Some of the people you LEAST suspect will turn in to customers and/or recruits. (I know it can seem awkward to be friends with someone you’ve never met, but get used to it! If you’re worried about people seeing your personal family photos/info, you can change privacy settings on FB for that). Also, don’t be afraid to follow up with customers.

C) Get connected! Learn the company website. READ the emails Corporate sends on Mondays and Fridays. Stay involved on our team page and No Lash Left Behind Training page. This is an important step in making your goals a reality. Become friends with other presenters on our team to get ideas, and grow closer to them. A lot of them are very successful and you can learn by watching what they post.

D) Understand the basic parts of our compensation plan. It took me a while to fully understand the compensation plan, but I knew the basics of it. You should, too. As you advance in rank, you will be able to understand it better.

E) Understand how to properly invite prospects about what you have to offer. Think about what YOU saw from me in the first place, and what enticed you or pushed you to join from what I had posted. You should be actively posting about Younique on social media, and even while out with your friends, family, or in public. No need to overkill it, though (because that WILL push people away), but top presenters in the company suggest posting 1-2 times a day about it. They say it takes the average person 14-20 times of exposure to start asking questions about the company/products. Examples of how to do this could be:

  • “I’m having so much fun playing with this makeup!”
  • “I’m wearing xx and xx today and loving how it does xxx to me!”
  • “I just spoiled myself with a pedicure from my commissions with Younique!”
  • “I love being able to spend time with the people that matter most while still making money”(while showing a pic of your kids)” etc.

Don’t worry about your existing friends/family on FB being annoyed with your posts. True friends will support you. Remember to stay REAL! Still post about other things, but don’t forget about your business!

I’m a list-maker. I HAVE to write things down for me to remember them. To feel like I’ve been productive, I have to check them off. Same thing applies with working any business. I’ve provided you with some tasks or “checklists” as you will. These are basics to help you get your business movin’ along. Work on these as slowly or as quickly as you feel suits you best. Do these and you WILL get results!

Let’s get to work:

  1. Familiarize yourself with your website by reading the file, “How to Navigate Our Website”—in the No Lash Left Behind group page [NLLB]. File # 24 Learn how the Back Office works to track your progress to new ranks. Hit ‘Fast Start’ by selling $2,000 and signing 3 people within 90 days and receive $250 in free makeup!
  2. Download and save photos of various products (but ESPECIALLY the 3D mascara) and save it to your computer/phone. You will want this at your fingertips!!! You can find photos in your group page and in LashLibrary.weebly.com. Also, follow other presenters. You do not need to friend them to follow them. Unless they say not to, you can save photos they share for you to use later. Do not ask them “can I share” on their page or in the comments. It looks unprofessional to customers. PM them if you want permission.
  3. Watch PowerPoint Presentation “New Presenter Orientation” above! File # 9 in NLLB
  4. FB status about your new career! Make it exciting! Ask them join your own online party!
  5. Set up a party on your website and start a group party page. (Read “How To Launch First Party” & “How to Start First Party” in NLLB page File #29).
  6. Read Shari Brown’s tips for posting in virtual parties (2-3 times a day, focusing MAINLY on mascara) File #74. DO NOT OVERWHELM people! Make posts informative, fun, and short/sweet. Post lighthearted/funny pics every so often, maybe a game or two to keep it interactive. Thank EVERY customer who orders! (If you need ideas on what to post, ask your sponsor or other teammates to add you to a successful virtual party they have had.. You’re welcome to copy any and all of the posts! There are many party documents on the NLLB page. Take time to dig through them and find all the pearls of wisdom in there.
  7. When party is over, follow up with EVERY customer who purchased and ask them 3 questions: How are you liking your purchase? Will you host? Join my team! (Read the file “Follow Up Email” File #75 in NLLB page to send your customers. Also, read “I’ve Launched, Now What?” in NLLB File #30
  8. Remember to utilize your FB status and always post POSITIVE things. You could post about how Younique paid for your manicure, or your lunch, or how easy it is, or how fun it is to post selfies. EXPOSURE over TIME will bring people to you. NEVER stop networking. Keep adding friends, making friends at parks, playgroups, stores, ANYWHERE! This is about relationship building! People see your success on FB and want the same for them! (Read the file, “Facts on Direct Selling” in NLLB page File #10).
  9. Repeat party process for those who said they would host. Coach them to be INTERACTIVE! (Send “Younique_HostTips” in NLLB to your hostesses File #12 and File #83). A successful party is almost ALWAYS dependant on a well-coached and interactive hostess. (Read the file, “Post This After Your Party Closes File #76” & “Hostess Coaching File #11” in NLLB).
  10. Start a FB Business Fan Page or Group Page where you can update friends on deals and/or giveaways you offer. Consistency is KEY because it tickles people’s brains and makes them want to learn more.
  11. Read the file, “Working Your Business in Social Media File #67” on NLLB page. Great tips on here! Read “Fire up Your Fall File #37” and “Tips to Build Your Business File #78” on NLLB
  12. Step out of your comfort zone and take selfies!! Post these! People want to see how the products look on YOU! They are REAL and it helps them form a connection with you! Make a video if you want. Be REAL! (“Take a Perfect Selfie” File #69 in NLLB page)
  13. Write down your goals. What rank do you want to hit? By when? VERY IMPORTANT! (“Set Your Goals” File #14 in NLLB page). Print out and track your progress each month with the file “Monthly Keys to Succeed” File #79 in NLLB
  14. Read in NLLB “Income Producing Activities.” File #80 Learn how to best market yourself and make money.
  15. Complete “Britnie’s 7 Daily Tasks Training” File #49 (a PowerPoint in NLLB).
  16. Read Kere Knapp’s “Top 10 Tips” File #38 in NLLB.
  17. Familiarize yourself with Younique’s YouTube Channel. Learn how to apply and improve your own makeup application techniques.
  18. Recruit! Listen to Cara Cloyd’s “Want to Sponsor Someone” File #33 in NLLB. Read “Who to Ask” File #18 in NLLB. Make a list of 100 people!
  19. Inform yourself of our products and their ingredients. Do NOT make false claims about them! Read the files “Product Info” File #81 and “Making False Claims About Our Product Line” File #41 in NLLB
  20. Read “Getting to Green” in NLLB. File #68
  21. Understand the “Younique Comp Plan Explanation Video” in NLLB. File #82
  22. Watch Shari Brown’s “The Art of Non-Selling” in NLLB. File #25
  23. Read/Watch “I don’t Know Enough People to Sell To” In NLLB File #27

Write down some goals you have with Younique. Make them realistic.

Goals need to be measured, so rather than saying something like, "I want to hit Yellow Rank," say "I want to hit yellow within 60 days" or something like that.

Another goal could be:

  • "I want to be book 3 parties my first month."
  • "I want to make at least an extra $25 (or whatever) in my first month."
  • "I want to recruit at least 3 people in my first 3 months."
  • "I want to hit Fast Start" (selling $2,000 in PRS and recruiting 3 people within 90 days of your signup).

Those who take the time to sit down and actually make goals for themselves almost ALWAYS hit them. They ARE important!

I'd also like for you to share your goals with me so I can help you reach them!

Good luck to you! See at the TOP!!!!!!!