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published 3555 July

Advice column

Now its time for our advise column our letter today says

"Dear Knightly News,

My niece was taking her evaluations and she was doing terribly according to her but thanks to those cows she can do it all over again. Do you have any suggestions on what to do this time?

Sincerely Carol"

Well Carol the best thing I can say is do what they expect don't try to wow them with unusual ideas like liking an unusual color or anything like that. Otherwise, it is extremely hard to give advise on evaluations (the cows mentioned are later in the article).

"Delirium" the movie

In a society where love is a disease but to get the cure you have to be over 18 years old. What happens when you fall in love at 17. Well that's exactly what Lena Hathoway (Alexandra Daddario) does with a strange boy named Alex (Joel Courtney). Now what will Lena and her best friend Hana (Elle Fanning) do to stay alive. Find out in "delirium".

cows invade evaluations

Recently there was an incident at the last evaluations where a herd of cows invaded wearing evaluators uniforms. No one knows how it happened but the best answer. Regulators have said nothing.


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(spaces don't count in answer)


4. someone who sympathizes with invalids

5. how many scars do you get after you have the cure

6. area outside of every town

7. an uncured who lives in the wilds

8. our prison

9. nick name for the book that practically controls our life

10. the team of people who enforce the law


1. the people in charge of judging your future

2. scientific name for delirium

3. how many years ago was delirium outlawed

Help Wanted

There is a small convince store that needs more people the only people who work there is one man the owner and his niece. it is an easy job with good pay

car on sale

A car is on sale for 2,000 dollars. It is said to even work but the current owner doesn't know or care how to work it. It is also said to have gasoline in it a lifetime of it at that. So if you want the car call 1-800-kni-ghtly.
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