Just a few tips for your Arbonne Biz

October Stuff

Hello Ladies!

I hope you like this colorful version of "team tips" this month. I love this website. I use it for my monthly newsletters, which you should be receiving. It's free for a bit, then you have to pay. I like it so much, I've started paying for it.

October is a fun month to launch, relaunch or just to host a small gathering yourself for your current clients. I like to try to do something every month out of my home with a few people and my local Arbonne team mates.

I highly encourage you to start asking your clients to HOST (or potential clients). This helps you build a network outside of your personal friends and family. Yes, we all start here, but there are so many more people you know that can benefit from Arbonne.

Attached are some cute inspirational ideas for the month of October to help you fill your calendar. I have more on my October "Boos"letter you should have received.

Speaking of newsletters, you don't have to do one but I encourage you to reach out monthly to let people know about specials and events going on with Arbonne. It's a nice way to stay connected.

If you aren't getting your Arbonne Consultant Weekly Bulletins, please go to your website profile and check your address. This where I get most of my current information to share with my team and my clients every week regarding the most up to date Arbonne information. Weekly team calls are vital to your success! If you can't get on live, then find time to listen later. Jodi is always available by phone to help us target a team goal or individual goals as well.

Have a great start!


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Have you tried RedStamp?

Yes, you can send traditional digital invitations, but I like to go in on the APP on my phone and create cute little reminders like the ones shown below. It's so easy to text and grabs the attention of the recipient.
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Love This

Isn't this the ideal dream job?

Where else can you work from anywhere taking orders, building a strong team, and creating your own personal wealth?

There are so many tools and resources available to you. Remember to go to our team site, Arbonne resources, The Source, etc and catch up on the latest. Find webinars and quick Learn n Burns to get fired up for the month! Go to Soundcloud for Donna Johnson's recordings.

Here is one on launching and relaunching:

Get engaged! Call in our weekly nation calls and get the latest from our team and be prepared to be inspired. It's great to be on a live call with so many successful Arbonne team mates with awesome ideas and suggestions to help you build your own business.

Finally, please reach out to me. I can't support you if I don't know your needs. I'm here via phone, skype, or in person. Just ASK.

It's hard to get all of us together with our distance, family and work schedules, but I will keep you updated of any local and virtual events to stay connected.

Can't figure out what to do first? Call me, I'll help you get your goal sheet complete and lay out your plan with you.

Here to help.


A Few Recent Flyers

The above flyers are available on the Source. They are adding the LIFT and CONTOUR option to the ASVP Sets.
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