Class of '22

Bathtub Gins & Ragtime Bands

Mob Gangsters & Flappers Exclusive Invite

In the grand, extravagant occasion, there is no worry of time, no worry of place, of depleting champagne. Please join us as we reminisce, laugh, drink and smoke the evening away, in the rolling, blooming gardens, and the colonial mansions, decor of the latest. Gold furnishings and silver platters, accompanied by the crystal marble dance floor, a grand piano by the floor, and a band influenced by the Louis Armstrong, are sure to keep your attention for the hours you'll love spending.

Class Of '22

Saturday, Nov. 18th 1922 at 9:30pm

New Orleans, LA, United States

New Orleans, LA

Find Yourself At The Bases Of The Most Prestigious Homes Upriver In The Garden District On St. Charles, Decor, And Dress Of The Time Period, And You'll Find Our Timeless Party.


From the West Coast, the prestigious Henry Ford and his brothers, rolling in on the new Model T's, and following them, Babe Ruth comes swinging through our doors, arm in arm with our fair lady, Marilyn Monroe, with flawless blonde hair and rosy cheeks. Charlie Chaplin finds himself at the home set, turning his head to our popped champagne and letting dearest CoCo Chanel pouring his glass at a perfect angle in her skimpy showy clothing. Dashing Herbert, we mean, President Hoover from the D.C. down south, is present, even if he has been through some recent heartache with the young lady who walked in hours ago, Zelda Sayre. The Creative mastermind behind the soon to be country-changing theme-park, who would've guessed, Walt Disney meanders around the grounds, most likely wondering about our upkeep of the beautiful gardens surrounding us. He could probably use some tips from our golf course ground crew for his park, and our anticipated arrival Bobby Jones would enjoy teeing off on our greens. The twin brothers arrived with a round of applause, making Orville and Wilbur bow in good nature of the party, even though recently their father passed away from tuberculosis, which also endangered the beloved Charles Lindberg, who unfortunately cannot attend because of the missing status of his son. That might be the talk of the party tonight, saying as how he himself might've staged his son's kidnapping! In the driveway smoking with her new secret, Louise Brooks rolled up in the cherry red speedster, borrowed in her attempt to remain under the radar of her soon to be husband, Jack Dempsey, who obviously isn't here by invitation due to his forceful masculine manner. From New York City, Gloria Swanson stands with a glass in her hand, having her picture taken with Knute Rockne from up north at Notre Dame. Cheers to him, winning his third national championship, it seems he brought the Four Horseman from the winning team with him tonight! The natural tricksters of our generation, Bonnie and Clyde, waltzing on the dance floor in perfect synchronization, much like the young and beautiful Audrey Hepburn stealing the attention with her short hair and short dress while an old Annie Oakley looked upon her with distaste, only imagining where the world would come to if Audrey was the future.