Ross Glen Road Runner Reporter

March 2020

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Thank you to the parents who were able to volunteer for our grade 4-6 ski trip. Also, thank you to the staff who supported the students at the hill. and the ones who remained at school. It was a beautiful day for skiing and learning.

March School Events

March 4 and 5 - Spelling Challenge

March 4 - Grade 1-6 students at the Brother Grimm performance at the Esplanade (THANK YOU to Parent Council for funding the cost of the transportation)

March 10 - Science in Motion (THANK YOU to Parent Council for funding this learning experience)

March 10 - Parent Council Meeting at 7pm

March 11 - Science in Motion (THANK YOU to Parent Council for funding this learning experience)

March 11 - K class at MHHS

March 12 - K class at MHHS

March 13 - Spelling Challenge money due

March 20 - MHPSD Professional Learning Day - no school for students

March 23-27 - Scholastic Book Fair

March 23 - Report Cards sent home

March 25 and 26 - Student-Led Conferences 3:30-6:30

March 27 - Spirit Day (Assembly at 2pm)

Our School Survey


Parents/Guardians of K - 12 students at each MHPSD school are being asked to participate in an online school survey called the OurSCHOOL Parent Survey. As a division, and as individual schools, we want to hear from the perspectives of students, parents/guardians, and teachers. The combination of this feedback will support administration teams and staff to set priorities, celebrate effective practices, and identify opportunities for growth.

About the OurSCHOOL Parent/Guardian Survey:

  • Allows you to provide your feedback anonymously into school initiatives, though you can always include your name in in the comments if you choose.
  • The survey is voluntary, however we encourage you to participate, so we get a better understanding how you feel the school supports learning, positive behaviour and promotes a safe and inclusive environment

  • The survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and must be completed in one sitting.

Thank you for your time and commitment to completing the survey. This type of evidence supports the importance of reflecting and considering our collective and individual work in supporting students and learning in our school.

The link for the survey will be sent out in an email.


Procedural Knowledge versus Conceptual Knowledge

The goal of learning is to develop ones' conceptual understanding, which involves understanding and interpreting concepts and their relationships. Conceptual understanding is deeper learning where procedural knowledge is when someone has successfully learned a procedure, often through memorization of steps (includes facts, skills, procedures and algorithms). Procedural knowledge can include memorizing operations with limited understanding of the underlying meaning of the concepts.

Students must have a strong foundation of number sense prior to being introduced to more abstract strategies. In math, a strong foundation is developed through several stages; concrete, visual and abstract. Students' understanding is developed by working with concrete objects or manipulatives. An example of this is using base ten blocks to develop an understanding of number sense, such as addition and subtraction. The next step would be to move to pictorial/visual representations, such as the exploding dots strategy. When the students have a strong foundation and understanding of the concept, they may move to the next stage which is abstract. The abstract stage might be the algorithms. If students jump to algorithms without a strong foundation of the concept, they will not recognize or be able to correct possible errors. Our goal is to support students with developing their conceptual understanding, and not just memorizing steps in a procedure.


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Emergency Protocols

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Thank you to our parents for providing our students with the opportunity to be part of the Evergreen Theater Residency program in February. The students made powerful connections in their learning and presented their learning through engaging performances. We appreciate the financial support form our Parent Council...which is every parent of Ross Glen. :)

Below is Miss McDougall's grade 6 performance.

Gr 6M

Parent Council Meeting

Our next Parent Council meeting will be Tuesday, March 10th at 7pm. We will send the agenda to all families prior to the meeting.

Spirit Day - Friday, March 27

Spirit Day lunch is from Dairy Queen.

The item will be added to School Cash Online on and can be ordered until March 16th.

The theme is "Dress Alike - twins, triplets, multiples" and was chosen by Mrs. Barnes' grade 6 class.

Papa John's

Pizza night allows families to order pizza from Papa John’s online using a special code. The code gives the family a 15% discount and also earns a 15% donation for our school. Once we have further instructions and the required code, we will share it with families.

Here are the Papa John’s pizza night dates for the year:

Thursday, March 19

Thursday, April 9

Thursday, May 28

Thursday, June 11

Community Information

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Science Olympics

Mrs. Barnes will be working with students interested in participating in Science Olympics. The students will meet after school and work on challenges to prepare them for the event that takes place at the Medicine Hat College on March 28th.

What are the Science Olympics? Medicine Hat Science Olympics are an interactive and interschool engineering and geoscience event for students in Grades 4 to 12 that takes learning beyond the classroom. Students are given a series of problem-solving challenges that demonstrate the fun side of engineering and geoscience and allow them to see first hand how these fields impact our everyday lives. Last year 100 students participated in the event.

The event is broken up into divisions : grades 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12. Registration is done as a team of two or more students within their division. Each division will be given one mystery challenge to be completed on the day of the event, students will work together within their teams to complete the challenge. The attached Information Package outlines the event in more detail.

Each student will receive an APEGA Science Olympics T-shirt, a certificate to commemorate their hard work and be entered to win our awesome STEM door prizes.

For more information please refer to this link:

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