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Welcome Back!

It's a new school year and we are off and running. Thinking about setting goals as a teacher for each new school year is a great idea. I'm not talking about SMART goals, DRA goals, or STAAR goals. I'm talking about teaching goals. What will you challenge yourself to do this year? What risk are you willing to take?

Here are some ideas to inspire you.

  • Giving Twitter a shot
  • Starting a class blog
  • Being more consistent in using a reader's or writer's notebook
  • Implementing Poetry Fridays
  • Trying an author study in writing workshop

Whatever your goal, write it down. Look at it often. Evaluate and readjust. You CAN do it!

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7 Things I Want the Writers in My Class to Know

This is a great blog post from one of my FAVORITE blogs. Two Writing Teachers. It is actually a collection of writing teachers who blog on this site and share their thoughts, ideas and expertise. It is one of the few sites I read daily. Please check it out.

Here is an overview.

  1. Writers write for different reasons.
  2. Writers have mixed feelings.
  3. Writers need time and models.
  4. Writers seek and accept feedback.
  5. Writers use notebooks.
  6. Writing can surprise you.
  7. Writers celebrate.