Heavenly Hats (Global)

Founded By Anthony Leanna

What My Individual Has Done to Help the Community.

The Heavenly Hats Foundation provides new hats for anyone who has lost their hair due to cancer or any other medical condition which causes hair loss. Mr. Leanna's foundation has donated more than 1, 500, 000 brand new hats to hundreds of hospitals and clinics around the United States. http://www.heavenlyhats.com/


Impact on the Community

Heavenly Hats wants people to feel warmth, comfort, courage, and strength, through the generous donations of their hats. Personally, I believe that the many hats are a welcomed sight to the children who suffer from these horrible illnesses. I also read about how the hats have been shipped to other countries upon request. http://www.heavenlyhats.com/
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Background Information

Anthony Leanna started the Heavenly Hats project when he was 10 years old. But, his idea developed when he was a student at Suamico Elementary when he was 8 years old and his grandmother became sick with cancer and he spent many hours with her in the hospital. Because of the medicine she took, she started losing her hair. He started seeing more and more people in the hospital losing their hair, some being children and he wanted to help. He continued with the Heavenly Hats project throughout high school at Bay Port and it has grown into the successful foundation that it is today! http://thecharacternetwork.org/anthony-leanna/

What Can I Do to Help?

I know that I can be a responsible citizen
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All About Me

I have been teaching at Howard Elementary for 15 years. I love the students at Howard and wouldn't want to teach anywhere else!