Pygmy Hippo

By : Abby Porter


"Munch!'' "Munch!" That`s a Pygmy munching on it`s lunch. Did you now that a pygmy hippo eats fallen fruit, grasses, and leaves. Would you like to keep reading and learn more? Well what are you waiting for? Come, read me research about the pygmy hippo!

Appearance & Classification

The pygmy hippo is an amazing animal. The height of a pygmy hippo is about 2.5 feet. That's not that big for an hippo. Also, the length of a pygmy hippo is about 5 feet from head to tail. That is the height of my sister Molly! The weight is 400-500 pounds. That is the weight of a polar bear! INCREDIBLE!!

The skin color of a pygmy hippo is a blackish color, light grey, dark grey, black, or pink. A pygmy hippo skin cover is like thick skin with reddish droplet which soften skin. The pygmy hippo's skin is rough too.

Some interesting body feature that a pygmy hippo has is it`s skin can be pink. Sort of strange huh?. The pygmy hippo is half the size of a Nile hippopotamus. WOW, half the size!! The Pygmy hippo is a mammal. That means it can have babies.



Habitat Information

A Pygmy hippo lives in west Africa. The weather there is humid and HOT! Pygmy hippo's homes are in jungles, swamp, and grassland. Their homes could be muddy too. So if you were going to make a home for a Pygmy hippo, you would need grass, some water, plants and fallen fruit, and a hole so it can sleep. They love to lay in a hole in the shade. But if you were going to take care of this AMAZING animal, you would have to take really good care of it. A Pygmy hippos habitat is AWESOME!!!

Predator & Prey

The pygmy hippo has a lot of predators. A Pygmy hippo's enemies are leopards, pythons, and crocodiles. Also HUMANS kill Pygmy hippo for sport or meat!

Pygmy hippos prey are fallen fruit, grasses, leaves. I bet you`re wondering where a pygmy hippo gets its food, Right? Well, a Pygmy hippo finds its food in the jungle and grassland of west Africa. This small animal is a herbivore that means they eat plants.

Fascinating facts

1. Unlike the common Hippo or a Nile Hippo the Pygmy hippo is half the size!!

2. The Pygmy hippo was not found in Africa until the 19th century.

3. The Pygmy hippo was not found in zoo until 20th century.

4. Believe or not, a Pygmy hippo only lives in west Africa.

5. When a Pygmy hippo yawns if someone near by, it means it is going to attack.

7. Another name for a Pygmy hippo is dwarf hippo.

9. A Pygmy hippo spends less time in water.

10. Pygmy has non webbed feet.

11. It has strong toe nails.

12. The pygmy hippo has to eat plants in order to survive

13. Usually gives birth under water.

14.Pygmy hippos are endanger with only 3,00 LEFT IN THE WILD!


I hope you liked my reading my research on the pygmy hippo. I had fun learning about it. "YAWN!" "Oh no, you better get going before it attacks!!! Did you learn a lot? Hope you did! Bye.