Skagit Academy Tuesday Talk

September 14, 2021 - WEEK 2

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How wonderful it has been to see students back on campus! The photo above features Academy Preppers enjoying lunch outside.

Each day has a different group of students, Mon-Thu, keeping things hopping on campus. We have had the privilege of adding new staff, new students, and new families to our school. HOW EXCITING!

PICTURE DAYS: 9/23 and 9/24

Look for more information in next week's newsletter about specific times and how to sign up.

Parking Lot Safety & Drop-off and Pick-up


  • Please be patient and drive SLOWLY
  • Please drive cautiously
  • Please remain in your car
  • Please keep the loading lane free of parked cars.
  • Please follow this policy at ALL TIMES during school hours


  1. Pull into the drop-off/ pick-up lane and move forward until you are in front of Skagit Academy’s double doors.

  2. Your student should exit the vehicle on the passenger side and enter the front doors.

**Please do not enter the school to talk to the office staff unless you have an appointment. This will help maintain our COVID safety protocols.


  1. Pull into the drop-off/ pick-up lane.

  2. When you reach the student line, a staff member will direct your child to your car.

  3. If your child is not present, please circle back around into the line for pick up.

  4. Remain in the lane until the car ahead of you moves forward and follow the flow of traffic (Do not pull out of the lane to pass the car ahead of you).

**Students will line up against the fence near the playground area and load into the first three cars.



All Academy 7-12 Student Have Advising During Flex on Tuesdays

All Academy 7-12 students will have advising with their classes on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Tuesdays of each month from 12:49-1:09 PM. If your student normally does not have class after lunch, please pick them up at 1:09 so that they can attend the required group advising sessions. Students will be discussing current progress (legal requirement), working on High School and Beyond assignments, and having 1x1 conversations with their advisor. Please email if you have any questions.

U.S. History for 7th and 8th grade Students in the Learning Center or Synergy programs

Does your 7th- or 8th-grade student need history learning on their WSLP? Have we got the offering for you! Ms. Jade Anderson is facilitating a remote U.S. History class to LC/ SYN students in 7th and 8th grade. Students will follow what AC Middle school students are learning, receive and hand in weekly assignments, and meet with Ms. Jade once per month (via Zoom). Please contact Denelle DeVries if you would like to add this to your student's plan,

Mark Your Calendars

September 22: Zoom Parent Meeting, 4:00-5:00pm

September 23 and 24: School Pictures

September 24: Last day to add/ drop High School classes

September 24: Last day to add first semester onsite classes for K-8

October 25-29: State assessment week (makeup for Spring 2021)

November 11: Veteran's Day (No School)

November 24: Early release (Noon dismissal)- All classes will be in session on a shortened schedule

November 25-26: Thanksgiving Break