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  • Super High Energy Efficient Lighting, other LEDs or CFLs are not even 1/2 as good
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  • Retrofit kit; no new fixture needed; no ballast, no flicker or hum, only electronics with long lived replaceable energy saving lamps; also can use standard T5 Fluorescent tube Grow Lights and Aquarium Lights
  • Savings up to 245% over other products that claim to be energy savings
  • Homeowners with low usage can save hundreds; business with high usage may save MILLIONS over the life of the units. TECH ALERT unheard of-up to 256 Lumens per Watt!

Replaces existing lighting with the highest energy efficiency available on the market today. Compared to some common options, ours will literally save thousands of dollars of energy cost! It adds up fast the more you use lighting the faster and greater the savings. The light bulbs from General Energy Efficiency Inc beat systems that are considered energy efficient lighting, by twice! This will change the world, and it is nearly as easy as changing a bulb. This unit easily retro fits into the existing four foot fluorescent fixtures. The retrofit light bulb kits fit the standard T12 & T8.

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These are UL approved quality products that will give you long service life, these energy saving light bulbs will be saving you time and money on a scale that is unbelievable; this is where technology really changes your world for the better.

The lights will save large users millions; the result will allow our nation to need fewer power stations! Please tell your friends to get these fantastic products, be a hero for our world, at your business and home today. In NO MONEY TO BURN, our book reveals options for energy saving lighting; this kit is a major answer for making Green into Gold

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