Monday Message



Dear Bobcats,

You have completed your first week of school! Congratulations!

Your teachers, family, and YOU have worked hard to get ready for school and make this a great year! While we wanted to start school in person instead of online, it is still exciting to meet your new classmates and teachers and get to new learning! The caring adults at school also realize that starting school online can bring up questions and worries. That's okay! We are all here to help!

I look forward to visiting your virtual classrooms and hearing about all of the important learning you are doing!

Have a wonderful second week of school!


Ms. B.

Tips for Online Learning

You will learn a lot and have a lot of fun this year! Right now, everything is new and you may have questions or worries. That is OKAY!

As you get to know your new teacher and classmates and learn more about your new virtual classroom, here are some helpful tips:

#1: Let your teacher know when you have a question, worry, problem, or idea! If you are not feeling ready to talk in zoom meetings yet, you can send your teacher a message in Schoology or an email. You can also record a message for your teacher in Seesaw or Schoology. We are here to help and your ideas matter! You can email me too at

#2: Be patient. All of this new learning will take time and may not happen easily or right away. If you are feeling frustrated you can:

- Take a deep breath and try to solve the problem in a different way.

- Check-in with yourself. Are you hungry, thirsty, tired? If so, meet your needs.

- Take a break.

- Stretch and move your body.

- Check in with a friend.

- Go back to #1!

#3: Never give up! Believe in yourself! You can do what you put your mind to! It may take time and effort, but if you continue to try, be patient and kind with yourself and others, and let adults know when you have tried and need help, you will have a wonderful year of learning and growth ahead!

Superheros are Everywhere!

This year, I will be sharing stories about different types of heroes.

There are many people in our lives, in our communities, and around the world who do things that improve life for others! I will introduce different types of heroes during the Monday Message video and will include links so that you can learn more about them!

This week I am starting by reading one of my favorite books, Superheroes are Everywhere, by Kamala Harris. I will send the link to that read aloud soon!

Do you have a hero? If so, you can share why your hero is special to you by clinking the My Hero link. You can add as many heroes as you would like by filling out this form for each one:

My Hero!

You can also make a video recording of your hero and email it to me at

Friday Fun Day!

Let's celebrate the end of the week!

What: Friday Fun Day! Come listen to music, request your favorite song, dance, or just hang out!

When: Every Friday from 11:10-11:40

How: Via Zoom! There is no longer a need to register. Click this link to join the fun!