Getting a job in highschool?

Should or Shouldn't?

Good Reasons Why You Should Get A Job

It seems to me that some kids in high school actually do have jobs, while others don't. Some are able to have a job, maintain good grades in school, and also challenge themselves which is a good thing so that later in life it won't be harder for them.

Bad Reasons Why you Shouldn't Get A Job

Some kids clarified that having a job during high school is a lot of work. In school, they mostly have bad grades because some of them can't keep up with their school work and their jobs. Also, students do not get enough sleep from staying up all night working, which is also the reason why they have bad grades.
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My Opinion

My opinion on getting a job in high school is that yes I think that once we get there, we should get a job. Yes some might say that it's going to be hard to keep up with school work and everything, but if it is just quit, easy as that. I know that I would keep up with everything. I would like to take this challenge and also make some savings for when I need it later on in life.