Poetry- Figurative Language

Some of poetry's helpers and tips for YOU!

Awesome Alliteration also known as Tongue Twister!

Hey you there! Do you like Tricky Tongue Twisters? Well then Alliteration's the man for you!He makes sure that all the sounds are alike so they're kind of hard to say. Try saying this one out loud: She sells seashells by the seashores!All the words don't have to be the same but most do.


Similes are comparing 2 unlike nouns(person,place,thing or idea) using the words "like" or "as". The night sky was like a dark black blanket. That simile was comparing the night sky to a blanket.Simple Similes are like writing the letter E!


Metaphors are like similes but they do not I repeat do not use "like" or "as" whatsoever. If you asked a metaphor to use "like" or "as" they will look at you like you're CRAZY and say " Go to the similes. They worship" like" and" as" but we DO NOT!" So you must use it like this: The night sky was a dark black blanket.