Charlotte Abell

Martinique Language

The languages people speak in Martinique are French and Creole, which is a cross between French and African.


Carnival is a popular tradition in french-speaking countries, and Martinique is no exception. It takes place the week before Lent and ends on Ash Wednesday. There is dancing, parades, music, feasting, and colorful costumes. Queens are elected to reign over the festivals, and on the last day parade through the streets. On Monday, mock weddings are held in burlesque costume. On Tuesday, performers dance in red costumes decorated with mirrors. On Wednesday, everyone wears black and white to mourn the death of the Carnival spirit, and at the stroke of midnight the music and dancing stop.

Music and Dance

Music and dancing are an important part of Martinique life. Most music and dance is derived from Africans that were brought to Martinique as slaves to tend the sugar cane, such as the biguine, mazurka, and the zouk.