Aerospace Engineering

Parker Bell

The Field

Aerospace engineering is designing the future of travel and space exploration. It involves making things fly, glide, and soar through air and the endless expanse of space. Flight and space have always intrigued me and I would love to be behind the advancements in the field. Also the pay for aerospace engineering is really good so I could make plenty of money doing something I love.

What to do...

An aerospace engineer works mostly in research, design, and testing for aerial objects. They work to create new and more efficient aircraft, spacecraft, and missiles for national defense. this involves making failure and testing ideas over many trials with different approaches until and eventual success appears.

But do it pay?

The median pay for an aerospace engineer as of 2012 was about $50 an hour or $104,000 a year. Compared to the pay of an average business man, this job pays well and the upkeep is plenty for an average family to stay financially afloat. Another plus for the field is that there are plenty of jobs available for those interested and qualified as the predicted growth of the employment opportunities are around 7% growth per year.

How smert?

To get a baseline job as an aerospace engineer, you only need to have a bachelor's degree in some form of engineering pertaining to the aerospace system. For some specific cases in national defense, a certain level of security clearance is required. Having the security clearance requirement help to maintain the jobs in the field.