A Christmas Carol Background

Whitney Briss

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens lived in a family that was pretty deep in dept. He had to drop out of school to go to a job to make the family money also. He was just a kid still when he started his job. He was also encouraged to write novels by the novel people that print them, because he redid the sketches that "Boz" did.


The industrialization began in the 19th century, or like the 1700s. An industrialization is the development of industry on an extensive scale.

Victorian Era

The Victorian Era was in the year of 1837 to the year 1901. Also Queen Victoria reigned at this time period.
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Child Labor & Proverty during during the VIctorian Era

This affected the children by having the children work at a young age to help out the family or also to find a better job for when they get older.