Wednesday News

October 14, 2020

Partners in Faith

This year, we will be delivering our monthly Partners in Faith electronically. This month offers several great features such as:

  • With God, all things are possible. Rather than decide which requests we offer to God and which we handle ourselves, God wants us to turn to him for the big and the small needs. The main article on page one helps parents encourage children to bring all prayers to God, and let Him determine the outcomes.
  • In the midst of a pandemic, the extra crush of daily life, kindness and love may take a back seat to survival. Our main article on page two helps families focus on each other first, and share God’s love with those we love the most.
  • This issue is about finding love in daily life. The Gospel reading we review is about putting love first – love for God and love for each other. Lessons from Scripture explains.

You can download this month's edition below.

Thank You!

Our staff would like to thank the Home and School Association (HASA) for the gorgeous fall bouquets of flowers that were delivered to the school last week. Every staff member walked away with their own special bouquet, making a very bright ending to the school day! We are grateful to the thoughtfulness of our school community!

Volunteers Needed for Parish Activites

Every year, our parish gives a significant financial scholarship to participating families that send their children to Immaculate Conception School. With the limitations on volunteer opportunities, we are asking that our families step up into various needed positions within our parish that will allow various parish ministries to continue. The school is just one of many parish ministries that our parish supports. Without the assistance from the parish, the school does not exist, so please step up and help out. Here are the two ministries that are in greatest need:

  • Live Streaming – If you enjoy technology, the parish is looking for volunteers to assist with the live streaming of the daily and weekend Masses or other special events such as weddings or funerals etc. We hope to create a team of people that can rotate through special events. Training will be provided and no extensive knowledge of technology is required. If interested, please contact Jacob Lammers ( or the parish office (
  • Misting/Sanitizing – In our current COVID era, we must sanitize spaces we use in order to help keep people safe and healthy. The parish has misting devices, which makes the sanitizing process easy and efficient. Many ministries cannot begin without a good number of volunteers willing to help after events. Please step up to be a volunteer for this ministry so the parish can continue to reopen for additional activities to take place. For further information or to sign-up, please contact Barb Fortkamp ( or Elizabeth DeLuca (, or contact the parish office (

If you sign up for either of these volunteer positions, the parish will make note of this as your active participation within the parish. Active participation is needed to receive the parish scholarship for school tuition, so please prayerfully consider helping out in any way you can.

Bicycle Safety

It is encouraging to see the large numbers of students riding bicycles to school each day. Bicycling is a healthy, economical, and environmentally friendly was to travel. If your children ride to school, please take a moment to remind them of the rules of the road as a cyclist.

Be predictable - This is an important rule as they are sharing the road with automobiles. This means riding in a straight line and not weaving in and out of traffic. It also means obeying the traffic signs they may see on their trip.

Ride with traffic - Bicycles should be ridden with traffic, never against it. Bicycles should not be ridden across the center of the road.

Be cautious - Bicyclists should always be aware of their surroundings. Before pulling out into the street, they should look left, then right, then left again. As they are riding, watch for cars pulling out of driveways or parking spots.

Wear a helmet - A correctly sized, properly fitting helmet is the most important accessory for your bicycle. A helmet should fit snuggly and not slide around the head. The helmet also needs to cover the front of the head.

Big picture

Students of the Month

Each month homeroom teachers select one student to be the Student of the Month. Students are selected based on their behavior in the classroom. It is based on the criteria of respectfulness, honesty, and helpfulness. This is designed to recognize the students that are living their Catholic faith. The Students of the Month for September are:

KD Aubrey Bentley

KT Kyleeah Wheeler

1H Rebecca Ferguson

1D Brady Phillips

2B Max Blacet

2G Jake Conway

3T Camille Simmons

3W Benton Brown

4B Walker Peterson

4J Namoi Haggard

5B Jana Eglitis

5C Frances Smith

6D Myles Frazier

6S Addison Ross

7B Cecilia Keller

7K Pete Eglitis

8K Cal Mangini

8M Lydia Steinbauer

8P George Smith

Terra Nova Testing Week - October 19-23

The students in grades three through eight will be taking the Terra Nova test next week. This is an important test because it gives us valuable insight into what the children know and where we can best allocate resources to ensure each student has the opportunity to achieve to his or her highest potential. The Terra Nova, along with classroom assessments and STAR testing results, helps to provide the data we need to inform classroom instruction.

The Office of Catholic Schools has given schools the opportunity not to test for this year only due to the difficulties in scheduling for the buildings that are on split schedules. We have decided to give the test because of the important data it provides. We are also in school five days a week, so we do not have the scheduling difficulties other schools may have.

Students who are full-time online learners or who are in a mandated quarantine/isolation during the testing week will be exempt from taking the test.

Name That Tune!

The junior high Media and Popular Culture class has been studying popular music throughout the decades. As a culminating project, they wrote the lyrics using only images. Can you guess what the songs below are? Hint: You can click on the images to make them larger.

(Answers are at the end of the newsletter.)

Power of the Pen

Power of the Pen will be taking place this year! Power of the Pen is Ohio's interscholastic writing league for seventh and eighth graders. This is a great opportunity for students to showcase their creative writing skills! Tournaments will be online this year. We will be meeting on Wednesdays and the meetings will last till 3:30. Our first meeting will be Wednesday, October 28. If you have any questions, feel free to email Miss Ditalia at

Uniform Closet - New Location

The Uniform Closet is now located in the church basement. There are currently no scheduled times for the Uniform Closet to be open. If you are in need of pieces of the uniform, please contact Debbie Miller ( to make arrangements.

Dining Out at Chipotle

Tuesday, Oct. 20th, 10:45am-10pm

4489 North High Street

Columbus, OH

Save the date! The Home and School Association will be sponsoring a dining out event. A portion of all the the sales that evening will be donated back to HASA.

Confirmation Parent Meeting

Wednesday, Oct. 21st, 7pm

Immaculate Conception Church

Eighth grade parents, please mark your calendars to attend an important Confirmation meeting on Wednesday, October 21 at 7:00 p.m. in the church. Seating in the church will be similar to seating for weekend Masses. Pews are blocked off to ensure families are socially distant from one another. Please wear your mask.

Many fresh new things will be shared at this meeting, so please plan to attend.

Second Grade First Reconciliation Meeting

Wednesday, Oct. 28th, 7pm

Immaculate Conception Church

The second grade students will be receiving two beautiful sacraments this year, their first reconciliation and their first Holy Communion. This meeting will prepare you and outline the expectations as your child develops a closer relationship with Christ through these sacraments.

Answers to Name that Tune

#1 - We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel

#2 - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by Gene Autry

#3 - Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley