Disciplining your toddler.

Jennifer Harrison

Being consistent

When being consistent you may feel like your being repetitive. Stick to the rules you have made or the children will follow what you do and not obey the rules.
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Eliminating Temptations

While children are curious about the world around them make sure to keep the house or apartment clean and safe for the kids to explore. Keep the cleaning supplies and chemicals out of reach of the children.
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The use of distraction

When the child is going towards something dangerous simply say "No" and have the child do something different. Do not spank or hit the child since they do not know the difference from behavior to physical punishment.
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Practicing Timeout

When using timeout its best to explain the wrong behavior the child has acted and take them to the area for timeout. Letting the child know how long they are going to be in timeout can help them know that they can calm down and learn not to act that way again.
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Avoiding Temper Tantrums

Always remember that kids can't always communicate what they need. Watch your child to see if they are acting up to get attention. Give some responsibilities to the child so they can feel in control of some things. When the kid is playing with toys make sure they area age appropriate for the kid to prevent any issues.
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Temper Flares

When your child is have an tantrum remember to stay calm and try to see where the kid is coming from or what caused them to have the tantrum. You can also ignore the tantrum if it isn't dangerous for the child or others. Do not give into the desires of the child to make them settle down.
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