Black and Blue 360

The Government and Society's Burning Mark

"You wear a mask so long, you forget who you were beneath it."

When Evey arrived to Gordon's house from running away they started talking. Gordon and Evey walked towards the back of the house and opened a door. Inside that room, there was all of his treasures. There was paintings, art, a Koran, and much more. The purpose of him showing her that room was because he wishes to leave it to her. Gordon hides behind a mask because of fear. It relates to a dystopian society because people often have to hide their secrets and possessions from everyone. The government traps us in believing that anything can be erased by a simple command.
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Dystopian Sonnet

All Is Lost

The Tribe, what is that?
Is it another lie?
We loose focus and ask what is what.
It's suffocating us, wanting to die.
Each day waking up,
Thinking about when this is ever going to end.
Want to drain my suffering through a cup.
Chants and rumors are send.
Rules, procedures, or patterns are never bent.
These walls make me want to erupt.
Wear blue and white on Fridays to represent.
My life and my dreams is what I want to corrupt.
The Tribe. Another lost
Another cost.

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Dystopian Paragraph

Dystopia can be defined as many things but everyone knows what it was created for and that is to create domination. People picture it with police everywhere, everybody is looking at you, no privacy, attacks, ruling, and a very controlled government. There is always going to be a high class, middle class, and low class. The government makes sure that any of these three classes stay apart. If a class was close to reaching the same ability of a higher class everything will be out of place. They would demand rights or even worse, peace. The low class is more important, it defines that dystopia is capable of having a low class.

"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people" (V for Vendetta). This is a very true statement. A dystopian world can only exist if the people allow it. The government is a large portion of the country but the citizens are a million more. There are two things that man-kind experience or feel in dystopia and that is fear or hope. People don't understand how to release it or learn from it. It's as if they are having their own war between themselves. Fear can be easily gained by anything or everything. It can be from the government holding threats to simply getting sent away for doing something wrong ; mistake or no mistake. Hope is something bigger than fear. They want to believe that someday utopia will begin. The only possibility that dystopia still stands is because fear can overcome hope. The citizens don't realize that they have more control than they think.

The government itself is a dystopia organization. There are many steps and procedures for an organization that big to function. Every detail counts, wether it's big or small. These rules are being analyzed by every chairmen, leader, and speaker. The whole government is gray and disguised in its own way. They prohibit mistakes to be shown. It takes the whole body to think the same; every person to provoke a destruction. There are people who work with the government and they themselves are afraid. They are afraid of speaking their mind and wisdom. A dystopian world all begins with the government.

The world is hopeless, gray, terrifying, and suffocating. We hear trembling marching, horrid chants, screaming pain, and visualize dreams deferred, There is no peace. There is no escape. The only "true" friend you have is your dignity.

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Before The Sirens Sleep

Tuesday, Dec. 3rd 2013 at 8pm


This event is to gain hope. It is to prove that the government does not rule, but the people. Markerswall is a popular building that holds the statues of the past rulers. There will be no violence or threats provoked. In a dystopian world, nothing can be promised especially when it comes to the citizens. Citizens of the community will gather together and listen to Mr. Hanter. Mr.Hanter is the head of Rights Reserved Organization. He leads protest and functions through action. He guides members through the halls and staircases of Markerswall to gain recognition. There will be posters of this even and chants cried out. All of the people who are attending must wear purple for royal colors and green for freedom. They hope to gain freedom, equality, and union.

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Demons - Imagine Dragons

Dystopian Theme Song

The songs Demons by Imagine Dragons is a great theme song for 1984. It represents the world that Winston lives in; it represents the creation of Big Brother. In 1984, there is no privacy at all. They use telescreen to monitor the citizens of Oceania. Everywhere that he looks there is a poster of a man's face named Big Brother. The song also states that there is nowhere to hide. The beast can relate to The Party and Big Brother. Oceania is a dark and cold world where no peace exist. Winston tries to find freedom, any kind of freedom. He dreams of individuality, desire, equal rights. All of the citizens that follow Big Brother and The party believe they are accepted just because they don't bend the rules. The Party see's them as peasants; no matter how hard they try to please them they are still nothing more or less than people living in Oceania. People are crying for an escape but there is no escape. Escape is a dream deferred. Winston admire's a man named O'Brien. Winston believes that he is a member of the Brotherhood which is a secret organization to rebel against The Party. Winston finds hope and wishes to believe in The Brotherhood but he can't because he doesn't truly know if it exist. Towards the end of the book, Winston is captured and O'Brien is the one who tortures him. He is control of everything that happens to Winston while he is locked up. He is the ultimate betrayal because he is not what he said he was. In the song it states that the ones they hail are the worst of all; this relates to Winston and O'Brien.


There are people walking the streets wearing a silver phoenix pin on their clothing. The phoenix itself represents freedom and hope. The pin is against the dystopian world because the phoenix builds strength and all the beautiful desires. Members never try to make interaction with each other for more than ten minutes and use codes such as cicil, jump, or nail. Cicil is used when they believe that the police is suspicious of something. Jump is when they have to cancel a meeting. Nail is what they call the police and anything rebellious.

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