The Girlfriend

Book Talk

Story Element

The Girlfriend takes place in school during the past. The main conflict in the story is Scotty meets a girl named Shannon and he cant get away from her ever since he took her out one night. The book begins with Laura ( Scotty s girlfriend) and Scotty at a dinner table. Laura tells Scotty she is going to Paris for two weeks.

Character Analysis

The main character is Shannon. Three words to describe the main character are obsessive, crazy, and psycho. The character is motivated by not letting Scotty go back out with Laura because she thinks she and Scotty are dating now. She wants Scotty to leave Laura for her. Shannon always did something for Scotty so he would go out with her but it would drive Scotty crazy. I dislike the main character because she was so crazy. She wouldn't leave Scotty alone at all. She actually thought they were together. She called him names you would say if you were in a relationship which was creepy. The relationship between Shannon and Scotty is bad because she wouldn't let him go. She broke his arm, killed his snake, killed Laura's cat and threatened him.


The theme of the novel is there are some crazy people out in the world and don't let people in your life so easy because you never can trust people sometimes. One example that supports the theme is Scotty asked Shannon if she wanted a lift and then he asked her out for a night. After that he regretted it because Shannon wouldn't leave him alone. Another example is Shannon put Scotty on check A third example is Laura's parents were disappointed in Scotty when they found out about Shannon. They trusted him that he will never mess up his relationship with Laura but he did. A final example that supports the theme is Scotty couldn't get away from Shannon and he thought she wouldn't do anything to him but she did and she put him through a lot.


Teens could relate to this novel because its during school and people date in school. You meet random people for good and bad reasons. Sometimes people date someone who is crazy and abusive. Its happen in reality and in films. Theirs lot of films that I watched that id like the book I read.