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Winter 2016

Parent Link Messaging System allows Neshaminy to reach parents, students and staff members instantly, inexpensively and securely. The messaging system’s speed and capacity makes it easy to contact thousands of families within the district in minutes.

From weather-related announcements and schedule changes to warnings of extreme emergencies or crisis situations, Parent Link is the simplest, easiest and most economical way to reach the Neshaminy community.

Once you are notified thru our Parent Link system of a dismissal relating to weather or other emergencies, a student emergency plan will need to be in place. Thanks to those parents who completed the plan early in the year which is kept on file with your child's teacher. If your plan has changed, please contact the teacher or the school office for a new form. We ask that you periodically review this plan with your child. Please make your plans clear and specific. As a reminder...students will only be dismissed to a person that is listed on the student’s emergency card.

Do not call or e-mail the school, our staff will be busy making sure the students understand their plans as well as helping with dismissal.

The following are examples that you can follow for your decision on early dismissal.

Sample Plan for a “Walker Student”

  • (Plan A) Walk home with your sister as usual, let yourself into the house and call me at work as soon as you get in.
  • (Plan B) Walk home with your sister as usual, let yourself into the house and call me at work. If you cannot reach me, call Grand mom. If she is not home, go next door to Mrs. Smith’s or Mrs. Jones’ house.

Sample Plan for “ Car Rider Student”

  • (Plan A) Car ride home as usual

  • (Plan B) Car ride home with ____________________(It is crucial that you let the teacher know this in advance.)

Sample Plan for a “Bus Student”

  • (Plan A) Take the bus home as usual. If Mom and Dad are not home, stay with your friend Samantha at her house until you see us get home.
  • (Plan B) Take the bus home as usual. If Mom and Dad are not home and Samantha is absent from school that day, go next door to Mrs. Smith’s or Mrs. Jones’ house.

Dismissal Update

Parents/Guardians-we ask that you do not arrive to Ferderbar until after 3:10 p.m. to pick your child up in our car line. By arriving earlier than 3:10 p.m. you risk getting stuck in the Poquessing parent pick up line.

We also appreciated your patience during the dismissal after last weekend's storm. Understand that in those extreme situations arrival and dismissal procedures may be impacted and not run as smooth. We cannot control Mother Nature or the amount of cars dropping off or picking up on those days.

Bringing Science to Reading in Kindergarten!

Bringing Science into Reading!

Mrs. Cochran's class asked, "So what did we do with the cars that were brought to school??"

Some of the problems that we solved included, how can we get the ramp to stay to a chair?

The students suggested tape. Awesome because the suggestion worked.

Some discussion questions included: What cars will be faster vs. slower? Metal vs. plastic? Thinner vs. fatter? Heavier vs. lighter? Ramp at the bottom vs. no ramp at the bottom?

After lots of experiments and chatting- DJ’s car won!

Our prediction: DJ’s car won because it is metal and heavier and goes faster. It is thinner and sleeker (someone’s word), it’s longer and gets more speed. And overall, the metal cars went faster!

Thank you Mrs. Cochran and class for sharing your learning with us.

National Handwriting Day

Thank you to Mrs. Conklin and her grade 2 class for demonstrating their fine handwriting skills for the Courier Times article.

Mad Science

Mad Science After School Programs starting at Ferderbar. Registrations accepted on a first come first serve basis. Look for the flyer or go online to:

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