By: Breazia & Jarvis

Climate, Geography, and Land

Covers 226,658 square miles of land. The west is hilly and dry but along the western coast it flattens. To the south and east is a that is a narrow coastal lined by rain forests.

The north consist of “White Beaches.” The climate along the coast is tropical, it is temperate inland, and arid in the south. From September to April the temperature averages to 85 degrees. From May to August the temperature averages to 48 degrees. As a result of geographic isolation 80% of the islands flora and fauna are only found in madagascar.

Map Of Madagascar


Madagascar is the fourth largest island.

In the western area people are known to wear jeans, shirts, shorts, skirts, tennis shoes, etc. Pretty much like the clothing we wear. During Business events they wear formal western dress clothes. Just like how we "dress to impress." In the rural area people tend to stick with the traditional clothing attire. They wear the lamba which basically is just a long white cotton wrap, which is usually for men and women. But the malabar is made just for women, it is a plaid long-sleeved shirt that goes all the way to the knees and should be worn over a pair of pants. In the coastal areas a lambaoany is more common. This is just a light colored wrap instead of being just plain white. Half of the malagasy have indigenous beliefs So they believe in a god Zanahary. There is also Christianity when they believe in the malagacy bible. Now Catholics outnumber protestants. The families will eat food together. Breakfast starts at 7am ,lunch is at noon, snack is at 4pm, and dinner at 7pm. Urban people eat at a table and the rural people eat on woven grass mat on the floor called a fanambanana. They basically eat just the way we do but sometimes they eat hot food while standing outside.