VCR Lesson 6

Esther Kim

It is a Supreme Court tradition that the ______________ Chief Justice takes picture with the newly appointed chief justice before he leaves office.

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What's the word?



(n.) Someone who holds an office or position

(adj.) Already holding position


(adj.) Required as duty or obligation


Latin- Cubo, Cubare, Cubui, Cubitum "to lie down"

Latin- Incumbo, Incumbere, Incubui, Incubitum "to recline"

Parts of Speech

Incumbency- noun




(n). mayor, president, representative, senator, officer, employer,manager, etc.

anyone who is holding position or office

(adj.) reigning, ruling, occupying, currently, presently


(adj.) necessary, mandatory, compulsory


(n.) candidate, applicant, runner-up

(adj.) past, precedent, former, previous, upcoming, future, next, etc (anything not in the present)


(adj.) unnecessary, optional, recommended

Practice- Which sentence uses the word incorrectly?

1. As legal citizens of the Untied States, my parents were required to serve their incumbent jury duty and pay taxes.

2. The current district judge criticized the past rulings that the incumbent judges had set 20 years ago.

3. It is incumbent that all spelling bee participants pay their entrance fee of $25.

4. The incumbent governor placed a new state tax on the state residents for the current year.

5. The incumbent in the Department of Homeland Security spoke on the behalf of the group of the new increase in airport security procedures.