What is bio-technology?

Bio-technology is simply technology based on biology. What they do is they harness cellular and bio molecular process to develop technologies and products to help improve our lives and the planet. Bio-technology is what heals, fuels, and feeds the world. It reduces the rates of infectious diseases and the use petrochemicals.

Bioethanol- A biofuel

Bioethanol is made when biomass is converted to sugars, then are fermented into ethanol. About 95% is ethanol, the other 5% is water. Bioethanol is a clear liquid, biodegradable and has low toxicity.


  1. Reduces greenhouse gases.
  2. Exhaust gases are much cleaner and burn more clearly.
  3. Can use any plant as long as it contains sugar and starch.


  1. It can negatively affect electric fuel pumps by increasing internal wear and undesirable spark generation.
  2. There is concern that due to the lucrative prices of bioethanol some farmers may sacrifice food crops for biofuel production which will increase food prices around the world.