By:Kiana Abney

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead is a celebration for your loved ones that had passed away. Day oft he Dead is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd.The first day is All saints Day and the second day is Day of the Dead.


Yellow Marigolds represents death.Marigolds are traditional for an alter.They can be made with tissue paper.You can also plant Marigolds and grow them for Day of the dead.People put the flowers on the graves and around the graves.

Sugar Skulls

Sugar skulls are decorated and either put in stores or put into a fair testing how good you are at decorating.Sugar skulls can be eaten but people give to the spirits that visit their celebration.Mini Sugar skulls are for kids that passed away.

How to Decorate Sugar Skulls : How to Apply Icing to Sugar Skulls
How to make a Mexican paper flower for Day of the Dead


When you make an alter you make it about someone who died.You can put their favorite things about them.Also,you can put things you liked about them.This is an example of an alter

El Fuego

My Great Grandfather has passed away. His name was El Fego. He was born in Spain. He moved to New Mexico as a child.He only spoke Spanish.He had 12 children,6 boys and 6 girls.My dad says that he could play any instrument you give him.He owned a big apple orchard. El Fego taught my dad how to play instruments.He passed away in 1989.He seems like a good man. He was very talented and I wish I could of met him.I wish I knew what he looked like but I don't because I don't have pictures of him.