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May 2016 Newsletter!!

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Frankincense Reactivate Extended!!!

Have you let your account go inactive!! Well now is the time to get back on board with your healthy oily journey. Reactivate your Young Living account and Young Living will gift you a bottle of Frankincense....Pretty cool offer :)

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Shannon Gallagher

Gallagher Wellness Team

Shannon Gallagher is a Certified Pytotherapist and Clinical Nutritionist with a passion for women's health and hormones. She is dedicated to providing education and reliable health information on “Fertility encompassing Gods Roots & Trees”, “The Change of Life”, “Controlling Raging Emotions” and “Over-all Endocrine Health”.

Shannon’s calling to pursue Health and Wellness came as a result of personal experience dealing with severe women health issues. She was once told by doctors she would need a hysterectomy and that her chances of having children were gone. After meeting her husband, Dr. Norbert Gallagher, a Wellness Chiropractor she was put on a strict herbal and supplemental program along with regular Chiropractic treatments thus beginning her journey of improved health and vitality.

She then began the pursuit of educating others on the options available to overcome their personal health issues. Shannon has a true understanding of the pain and anguish people go through when dealing with health challenges this gives her a unique perspective in helping others overcome those challenges and reaching New Horizons Discovering True Wellness and not just the absence of dis-ease.

Shannon is a busy Entrepreneurial stay at home Mom, turned Young Living Gold all thru her passion and dedication to teaching about Essential Oils. She and Dr. Gallagher have four beautiful babes.