Digital Coaches' Corner

Issue 8 December 15, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

New Parcc Site

The site requires you to create a new account. The Illinois code is: Il1818. You will need to put the code in to see all the resources. By using the Illinois code you will have access to more materials. The site even has the K-2 formative assessment sets. These include games for development. The library seems to have many good resources. I have found a lot of useful information under the assessment tab using the PARCC released items tab.

Do you need help catching students up on previous math standards?

I had the privilege of attending the ISBE conference The Art of Math Talks for Kindergarten through 10th grade. I learned a lot and I am very excited to share with you. The best part about math talks is they are only about 10 minutes. You can do them during your transition time. The Math Practice standards are the focal point of math talks. They allow students a chance to develop number senses and you can focus on standards from previous grades that students may have missed. If you get students talking about math, it will make it easier for them to write about math. I would love to help you implement math talks in your classroom. I have two options:

1. I will meet with you on your conference period and share my information. (This may take a few meetings)

2. I will come to your classroom and model math talks once a day for a week. We can then meet and discuss.

This offer is open to anyone that teaches math K-12.

Just email me: to set up a time.

Great Projects Taking place at Jersey 100 during 2nd Quarter

You are all doing great things! This is just a sampling of projects we as digital coaches have been involved with.


Mrs. Millers class worked on a Flat Stanley project with students in California. Each student created a video about their favorite local attraction and shared it with the other class.

1st grade

Mrs. Lumma's class participated in a Character Mystery Hangout. They selected a character from their favorite book and then worked with a class Iowa who had a different character. Then they asked, yes or no questions to figure out each others character.

Several first grade students are writing their own nonfiction books on a topic of their choice. After they complete that project that students are creating a Google Slide presentation all about their life.

All of the students in first grade wrote a digital letter to Santa and received an individualized response.

2nd grade

Mrs. Smith's students have participated in several Google Hangouts. Their questioning skills and map skills have improved significantly. They are also working on a project with a class in Wisconsin. They are going to discuss location, landforms in our region/area, or state, and what makes our school a great place to be.

3rd grade

Mrs. Noble's students participated in a Music Mystery Skype. The students worked with sang the Texas state song and Mrs. Nobel's class sang the Jersey Fight Song. Then everyone sang My Country 'Tis of Thee together. The third grade is also working on speaking and listening skills by making audio recordings of Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Mrs. Rowling's students participated in a virtual field trip to the North Pole. They had done a lot of research on Santa and seem to be true Santa experts.

4th grade

Mrs. Lamers students are preparing to implement Genius hour in their classroom. They have connected with a teacher in another state and are going to collaborate on their projects. Mr. Bechtold, Mrs. Goetten, and Mrs. Learner students have all participated in Mystery Hangouts.

5th grade

Mrs. Burney and Mrs. Pickel's classes are exploring Christmas traditions around the world. They then had their students create a Smore newsletter to share their knowledge. The fifth grade students are truly enjoying participating in Mystery Hangouts to find the location of schools throughout the USA. Mrs. Witt, Mr. Robertson, Mrs. Burney, and Mrs. Taake's classes have all participated in Myster Hangouts.

Mrs. Egelhoff and Mrs. Evan's students have been working to prepare for their Kindness celebration. They have planned and created every part of the project.

Mrs. Taake's class did Power Point presentations on regional flags and created constellation videos. Mrs. Burney's students used Canva to create flyers for their haunted houses.

6th grade

Mrs. Schilling, Mrs. Scoggins, Mrs. Shalley, and Mrs. Pranger's ELA classes are creating a movie with movie maker. The students wrote an autobiography and now they are making a movie about their life. The sixth grade teacher work well together and it shows. Thanks to Mr. Shipley and Mrs. Pranger for teaching how to use movie maker in STEM so that students could apply their knowledge in ELA.

Mrs. Brady's class is using Tour Builder and Google slide to plan a "trip" for Christmas break.

7th Grade

Science teachers Mrs. Miletello and Mrs. Wittman are having their students create slides about elements. The students, together are building the periodic table of elements. 7th grade social studies students are writing about their own Christmas traditions and exploring Christmas traditions around the world. The teachers used Google Classroom to share a slide show template and then they are each creating their own slide show.

Mrs. Hatfill's students are going to listen to and critique science podcast of students in Guadalajara.

Mrs. Herkert's students published their first Illini News video. The students are hoping to improve their news cast using Touchcast and the new equipment Mr. Brunaugh purchased.

8th Grade

Ms. Megan Taake planned and implemented a career fair. She lined up speakers that truly peaked the interest of the students. Thank you Ms. Taake for going above and beyond to inspire students. The speakers are listed below:

Vince Ojeda - Entrepreneur, Founder of Multiple Companies

Nick Manns - Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Susie Breden - Nurse

Keith Krueger - Software Engineer

Andrew Eads - Plumber

Elizabeth Duggan - Brand Experience Specialist

Frances Allen - Activities Director

John Rexing - Electrician

Kristen Liston and Dawn Reeder - Pharmacist

Crystal Bock - Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Chris Dohrn - Pilot

Marshall Lewis - Military and Police Chief

9-12th Grades

Mr. Schell's students are collaborating on readings from famous authors and then creating a shared Padlet to learn from each other. Ms. Dwyer's students created Smores for Spanish vocabulary using the Spanish keyboard in Google Chrome. U.S. History students created a Newspaper. Mrs. Thurston is working with digital resources help students that are behind in math. Many teachers at JCHS have created digital assessments on Scantron. Students in Ms. Kolkmeyers class built robots. They even programed them to be Sumo Wrestlers. Teachers and administrators for Canton High School visited JCHS to see how we are implementing technology. Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Thurston, Mr. Goetten, Mrs. Brunaugh, Mr. Crnokrak, Ms. Bohannan, Ms. Mieure, Mrs. Breden, Ms. Kolkmeyer, Ms. Dwyer, and Mr. C. Schroeder opened their classrooms to the visitors and the teachers from Canton were very impressed with what the saw in each classroom.