Theagenes of Thasos

By Blake, Peter, Lorena, and Trace

Theagenes of Thasos

  • Boxer, Pankratiast & Runner
  • Victor in boxing in the 75th Olympiad, 480 BCE
  • Victor in the pankration in the 76th Olympiad, 476 BCE

Theagenes Young Age

At the young age of nine, Theagenes of Thasos became famous throughout Greece. It seems the boy was walking home from school, when he noticed a bronze statue of a god in the marketplace of Thasos. For some, strange reason, but probably out of admiration, Theagenes tore the statue from its base and took it home. This act outraged the citizens, who perceived it as highly disrespectful, and they debated whether or not they should execute the child for his deed. One elder, however, suggested that they have the boy return the statue to its proper place. Theagenes did this, his life was spared, and word of this amazing feat spread across Greece.


  • Olympic Games: 2 Victories ( 1 Boxing, 1 Pankration )
  • Pythian Games: 3 Boxing
  • Isthmian Games: 9 Boxing, 1 Pankration
  • Nemean Games: 9 Boxing
  • 1300 Total Victories
  • Knocked out 2101 Men
  • Killed 1800 Men
  • Unbeaten at Boxing for 22 years

Birth and Death

Date and place of birth: 5th century BC in thasos, greece

-One night, his own statue came loose, fell on the angry opponent, and killed him