How to make a cool Tiny Teddy Train

By Tisya

My Procedure

How to make a tiny teddy train!

Goal: To make a yummy tiny teddy train.


1. Dairy Chocolate (melted)

2. Smarties

3. Milky Way Bars

4. Liquorice Allsorts

5. Liquorice Sticks

6. Tiny Teddies


1. Firstly get a bowl for your chocolate, after you have put the chocolate in the bowl put it in the microwave, until you think the melted chocolate looks gooey enough to be able to stick stuff together with it. After take the bowl out and put on the bench

2. Then get 4 smarties for the wheels, your choice of colour

3. Get the Milky way bar out of the packet, and get one scoop from the melted chocolate

4. Spread the scoop along both of the long sides on the milky way bar.

5. Then get the smarties and put them on the very end of the side. Make sure you don’t touch them for a while so they can stick without falling.

6. Get the tiny teddy and glue it to the milky bar with the melted chocolate.

7. Now get the Liquorice and put it behind the teddy. Get the Liquorice stick and put it in front of the teddy.

8. Enjoy your lovely tiny teddy train.

Why should you make one

My personal opinion on why you should make a Tiny Teddy Train, is because these are very cute and you can do many different things with them. For example you could use them as decorations at different celebrations and eat them at the end.

Other things you could make with these ingredients

Other things you can make with these ingredients is a, tank, car, bed and of course a train