Health Triangle Questions

By: Carla Hernandez

-What do you hope to accomplish during high school ?
In high school i hope to pass all my classes with at least A and B's and keep myself out of trouble
-What do you see yourself doing after high school ?
I see myself in collage for music production
-What do you hope your life will be like in your 20's ?
I hope my life will be happy
-3 things you could do to improve your health.
I could eat healthier, exercise daily & improve my social skills
-At home I like to...
Play guitar & listen to music
-At school I like to...
Hang out with friends & learn
-People i like to hang out with...
I like to hang out with the people who have the same taste in music as me and that are fun to be around
-I am good at...
Being responsible, dedicated & loyal
-A quality I like about myself & one that i'd like to change
I'd like to change how awkward I am around people & I like that I am a fast learner
-Something new i'd like to try
I'd like to try playing the ukulele
-What do you feel like are positive and negative effects on your health today
I feel like the food i eat has a negative effect on my health and running track has a positive effect.