Henry James Autobiography

Realism Movement


James is best known for a number of novels showing Americans encountering Europe and Europeans. His point of view allowed him to explore issues related to consciousness and perception. His perception also brought great depth to the narrative fiction. He allowed great point of view of everything people were going through during those times.

The Curse by Henry Jameas

He sits in his room
Startled by what he sees
Not knowing what to think
Not knowing what to believe

The trembling he feels
Strickins pain inside
He can't run from his fears
He has no where to hide

'What is this curse
that has fallen on me'
'What did I learn'
What did I see

He knows so little
He suffers so much
He hears every whisper
He feels every touch

Finally he gives in
To whatever he's done
The game still continues
But no one has fun


T- Someone got cursed

P- 1st stanza- the person sits in his room not knowing what to do because he saw something that startled him.

2nd stanza- the person saw something he was afraid of and he can't run away from his fear because he has it in front of him.

3rd stanza- the person is trying to recall what he has seen and learned from it.

4th stanza- he is being seduced because it says "he hears every whisper... He feels every touch"

5th stanza- he finally gives in and goes along with whatever is happening.

C- Startled- he is scared of whatever he saw

Trembling- he got nervous because he doesn't know what is going to happen next.

A-Negative because he sees everything that is happening as a bad thing.

S- In between the 4th and 5th stanza where Henry James says, "He feels every touch... Finally he gives in" The poem shift because it goes from the man not wanting to give in to him finally giving in and going along with whatever is happening.

T- He is being seduced by someone and he feels like that person is a curse which also means that person is evil.

T- The theme of this poem is passion is hurtful because the character in the poem is startled by what might happen.


Henry James was a great writer, one of his best poems in my opinion was "The Curse." Many people have different perspectives to how the poem was intended and my view of it was as if he was being seduced and I found three paintings that supported. In conclusion Henry James supported the movement because he helped give different point of views to what was happening.